We’re an eclectic label representing Hip-Hop to the fullest! Word up.

Are you looking for that classic boom bap hip-hop music with talented EMCEES and producers… and no damn gimmicks? You’ve found it. blocSonic, your new favorite label.

Available for download in MP3, FLAC & OGG formats and a few titles are available in physical CD & vinyl formats.

Rediscover hip-hop with music by A.Moss, Awesome Dré, BADLUCK, C-Doc, Cassette Tape Bandits, Cheese N Pot-C, CM aka Creative, Donnie Ozone, GLD8TRZ, KIN/LUCK, Lowdown, Luck & Doc, The Impossebulls, Tha Silent Partner, Timezone Lafontaine, Wals & so much more. Hip-Hop is alive & well at blocSonic! Check out a few joints below…

Cover of “You Can’t Hold Me Back” by Awesome Dré and the Hardcore Committee
Awesome Dré and the Awesome Committee “On The Rampage” from the album “You Can’t Hold Me Back (30th Anniversary Remastered Edition)”
Cover of “The Devils You Know” by The Impossebulls
The Impossebulls “Back To It (Featuring Daddy-O of Stetsasonic)” from the album “The Devils You Know”
Cover of “Gravel King” by A.Moss
A.Moss “Towns” from the album “Gravel King”
Cover of “Sunfaded” by Timezone Lafontaine
Timezone Lafontaine “Deadline” from the album “Sunfaded”
Cover of “Bloody Ruinz” by GLD8TRZ
GLD8TRZ “Return of the Titans” from the album “Bloody Ruinz”
Cover of “Sheesh” by Wals
Wals “Tre to the Q” from the album “Sheesh”
Cover of “All In Due Time” by CM aka Creative
CM aka Creative “Rise and Shine (Featuring Javier Starks)” from the album “All In Due Time”
Cover of “Rapper Exchange Program” by Cassette Tape Bandits
Cassette Tape Bandits “Director’s Cut” from the album “Rapper Exchange Program”
Cover of “We Wish Our Brother Joe Was Here” by Cheese N Pot-C
Cheese N Pot-C “Bounced” from the album “We Wish Our Brother Joe Was Here”
Cover of “Live At The Wake” by Luck & Doc
Luck & Doc “For The Gods” from the album “Live At The Wake”