Cheese N Pot-C “TA2MI Presents: Cheese N Pot-C”

Cheese N Pot-C return with a dope new EP with beats by the talented Jodo Shinshuu Buddhist monk / DJ / Producer / beatboxer TA2MI! Hip-Hop heads… download.

LOWdown “soBELOW (THE groundZERO SINGLES 2006-2016)”

LOWdown delivers a dope new collection of rarities for fans new & old to nod their heads to!

Maxwell Powers “Fridays, Volume 1”

The blocSonic album debut by incredible Oakland, California Indie-Pop artist, Maxwell Powers!

Tha Silent Partner “SIX ONNA 7 (Part 4)”

Tha Silent Partner returns to deliver another dope SIX ONNA 7 fortyFive! Don’t sleep.

Maxwell Powers “Saturday”

For the first time, Maxwell Powers brings his fresh sound to blocSonic! Check out the first single from his forthcoming album “Fridays, Volume 1”!

The Impossebulls “Five By Five II: Sloth”

Yo… the Bulls deliver the second of five new EPs that they’re dropping over the next few months… grab it… collect them all!

Electric Mirrors “Ritual Meadows”

Electric Mirrors return with the 2nd single from their debut blocSonic album “UFO Stories”!

Ant The Symbol “You Are Here: Downtown”

Ant The Symbol drops this surprise downtempo gem for you to bump in your system. Grab it.

Electric Mirrors “UFO Stories”

Electric Mirrors make their blocSonic album debut with this incredible set of electropop gems!

Electric Mirrors “Neon Jesus Wins The World Cup”

Electric Mirrors make their blocSonic debut with the addictive first single from the forthcoming album “UFO Stories”! The album arrives September 13th!


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Set to drop…

  • 2016.10.25 — Maxwell Powers - Godspeed
  • 2016.10.25 — The Impossebulls - Five By Five III: Greed
  • 2016.10.25 — Ant The Symbol - You Are Here: Midnight

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