Various Artists “netBloc Vol. 51: Embark!”

51 volumes in and our excellent netBloc series continues to hip you to the best Creative Commons licensed music… download your copy!

Daily Khaos delivery “Lose Your Ways”

Daily Khaos delivery finally release their incredible new album Lose Your Ways! Grab your free copy.

Daily Khaos delivery “Goliath”

Daily Khaos delivery return with the first single from their incredible forthcoming album Lose Your Ways!

C-Doc & Tha Silent Partner “SIX ONNA 7”

Tha Silent Partner’s excellent SIX ONNA 7 fortyFive sub-series continues today, with a twist. This time around he and C-Doc each deliver a “side” of 3 slammin’ tracks! Heads might not want to sleep on this one.

Cutside “Paramnesia”

Trip-Hop producer Cutside makes his blocSonic debut with the incredible Paramnesia!

Donnie Ozone “Roaches (Featuring Pot-C)”

Donnie Ozone drops this from way back style good time hip-hop with Pot-C and production by SKOL!


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  • 2016.05.03 — C-Doc - TheEnsuranceTrap b/w Underground Press
  • 2016.05.10 — Daily Khaos delivery - Electrical Love Machine
  • 2016.05.17 — C-Doc - DocSonic

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