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The netlabel world is growing all the time, but at the same time, netlabels are shutting down. Much of the time, even if they shut down, the official website is kept online so that listeners can continue to discover the music for themselves. However, at times, the website goes offline as well. When that happens, the chance of listeners being able to discover the music, is close to null. blocSonic is now attempting to put some of those defunct netlabels back online, when permission can be attained by the original curators. Here you’ll find a listing of the currently available netlabel archive sites.

Monotonik Archive

Coming soon!

Visit the Monotonik Archive

Dust Shop Records Archive

Between 2004 and 2009 Gilles Labarbe a.k.a. This One used Dust Shop Records as an avenue to get his and other talented artists’ music out to listeners. During that time DSR could be depended on for releasing quality beat oriented music. With the closure of the label, the official website also went dark. blocSonic wanted to make sure that the complete catalog remains available online, so with Gilles’ blessing we’ve given the DSR catalog a new home. Listen and enjoy!

Visit the Dust Shop Records Archive