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Since 2007, blocSonic has embraced the netlabel and Creative Commons music communities by shining the light on artists and netlabels via our netBloc compilations. In 2009 we began releasing our own excellent original music. Check us out.

Download our music releases for free or purchase physical copies to show your support for artists that make quality music priority number one. Available for download in MP3, FLAC & OGG formats and some titles are available in physical CD & vinyl formats.

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Cover of “Shake Hands With Danger” by OWTRIPLEBANG
OWTRIPLEBANG “Shake Hands With Danger” title track from the album of the same name
Cover of the self-titled album by Garmisch
Garmisch “Glimmer” from their self-titled album
Cover of “Dig Deep” by Just Plain Ant
Just Plain Ant “Anti-Love (Featuring Sleaze)” from the album “Dig Deep”
Cover of “Sixteen Words” by Liam Stewart
Liam Stewart “Sooner” from the album “Sixteen Words”
Cover of “I Wouldn’t Want To Disappoint You By Not Disappointing You” by Vietnam II
Vietnam II “You Spell Like A Peasant” from the album “I Wouldn’t Want To Disappoint You By Not Disappointing You”
Cover of “A Quiet Age” by Nic Bommarito
Nic Bommarito “Resting Your Eyes” from the album “A Quiet Age”
Cover of “Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different” by The Impossebulls
The Impossebulls “The GetBack (Featuring Chuck D and Brother Mike Williams from Public Enemy & Tah Phrum Duh Bush)” from the album “Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different”
Cover of “New World” by BLKJK
BLKJK “Robinhood” from the album “New World”
Cover of “Songs From The Surveillance Age” by Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures
Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures “Bolted Doors” from the album “Songs From The Surveillance Age”
Cover of “Platters, Act 4: A Suite For John M” by Tha Silent Partner
Tha Silent Partner “Dub Like Ting (Dutty Stinkin’ Ting)” from the album “Platters, Act 4: A Suite For John M”

What is Creative Commons music?

The quick answer to that question is the following. Creative Commons music is music that’s licensed under one of various types of Creative Commons license.

However, the following is a more in-depth answer. Through the chosen Creative Commons license that music is licensed under, the label and/or artist is specifically telling fans and creatives that they can share and/or use that music in specific ways.


All variants of the Creative Commons license (excluding the special Public Domain license) require fans/creatives to attribute the source when they share/use the work. The following licenses all require attribution:


Some variants of the Creative Commons license require the creative who’s reusing the work to share their resulting creation utiziling the same license. The following licenses require resulting works to be licensed the same:

No Derivatives

There are Creative Commons license variants that don’t allow for re-use in adapted form by creatives. The works can only be re-used in the exact form that they’re distributed in.

Commercial Vs. Non-Commercial use

Finally there are licenses that specify whether or not a work can be shared/used commercially.

Any of the following licenses allow for commercial use:

The following licenses do not allow for commercial use:

More information

If the above information doesn’t answer all your questions, you can visit the following official pages for more details: