A-Grav Lab

A-Grav Lab (short for Antigravity Laboratory) was a hip-hop group formed in 1996 by Indiana natives Scott Matelic and Jay McElfresh. The group was part of a crew called Archipelago which included The Complex, Insomniacs, and Farmer’s Market. They performed at Indianapolis venues (The Patio, The Bomb Shelter, The Emerson, etc.) in the mid to late 1990s opening for acts such as The Mudkids, Mood, Hieroglyphics and Bahamadia. Matelic went on to produce beats for Sole (Anticon) and Sage Francis while releasing his critically acclaimed solo hip-hop landscape instrumental album Primitive Pessimist on the Japanese label Tri-Eight. McElfresh formed the Austin, Texas based punk disco band Awesome Cool Dudes who played at every shitty venue in America and released their masterpiece Maxin and Relaxin on Furniture Records in 2005. After a long hiatus the two eventually found themselves both living in New York City where they reformed as Gold Metal and released the album Drop Out City on Rad Summer (Indianapolis) in 2012.


A-Grav Lab - Spacewalkers EP