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The Sound System Blasts

For this selection we wanted to take you on a sonic journey through our catalog where sonic characteristics lead to interesting ebs and flows. Enjoy this excursion.

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Fiercely Independent

We at blocGLOBAL have always prided ourselves in being an eclectic label that of course loves hip-hop, but also many other genres. What’s more important to us than the genre, is the quality of the sound and the independence of the artists. Let us shine a light on a few incredible songs that don’t neatly contain themselves within the boxes that the mainstream music industry has created.

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fortyFive Flava, Volume 1

In a few months it’ll be 8 years since we launched the fortyFive series of releases back in May of 2012. It’s high time we begin exploring that series with a series of Tapes. Here’s volume 1… enjoy! R.I.P. The Honorable Sleaze and Marcus J

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Open The Door

Go ahead and open the door to our vast catalog of quality music. You won't regret it.

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Safe Travels

Take a trip through the blocSonic catalog hitting up a few choice destinations along the way.

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More Than…

There’s no doubt that hip-hop gets its shine aplenty here at blocSonic.
However, hip-hop is not all we do. Listen and let this eclectic selection of gems from our first decade say it all.

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Legends on the bloc

Over the years a few hip-hop LEGENDS have stopped by the bloc… The Coup’s Boots Riley (recently known for his incredible directorial debut “Sorry To Bother You”), Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Stetsasonic’s Daddy-ORun-DMC’s DMC, Son of Bazerk AND Zion I’s Zumbi! Check it check it out…