Cover of "Problems" by CM & Tha Silent Partner

New Release: CM & Tha Silent Partner return with Problems!

Today we’ve got a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for you to enjoy. Not quite a Valentine’s gift, but you know the bloc loves you… right? So you’re thinking… “yo, blocSonic, get to the point… CM & TSP are back?!?”. Yup… today we’re dropping the first single from their forthcoming project! If you heard… Read more

Cover of “American Carnage” by Das Mister

New Release & Tha Bloc Report: Pot-C interviews A.Moss and we introduce Das Mister and their debut EP, American Carnage!

Today we’ve got the incredible debut EP by Das Mister, a collaboration between The Das Kaput (an Electro-based act from Bethlehem, PA) and Mr. Bitterness (who you’ll likely know from his two great releases here at blocSonic). A powerful collection of songs that unflinchingly report on this era of di… Read more

Tha Bloc Report Episode 17: 2019 End of the Year Episode

Tha Bloc Report Episode 17… 2019 End of the Year Episode!

Please excuse the delay in getting this music packed episode out to you, the bloc has lots of stuff cooking for early 2020! With this being the 2019 End of the Year episode, Pot-C not only runs us through the latest releases and the Heat of the Month, he also delivers the Heat of 2019, as well! Tha… Read more

Cheese N Pot-C - Down To The Wire EP cover

New Release: Cheese N Pot-C are Down To The Wire delivering the final release of 2019!

Let me tell you… Cheese N Pot-C sure took the title of their latest EP, Down To The Wire, to heart! You see, cheese reached out yesterday after having realized that Pot-C had forgotten to send it as originally planned. He was hoping that we could get the new EP released sometime this week. I said I’… Read more

M.V.A. - New Nostalgia: Game And Cartoon Music Cover

New Release: M.V.A drops New Nostalgia for the holiday!

Inspired by that classic 8-bit game sound, M.V.A drops New Nostalgia: Game And Cartoon Music, a tasty EP filled with instrumental gems! Enjoy. We hope you’re having a Happy Holiday. Thanks for a wonderful year! See you in 2020. Hey M.V.A… it’s a pleasure to be able to share this gem of a release wi… Read more

Tha Silent Partner - Music To Hail Blue Whales To (Music Inspired By The Animated Series, Gulf City)

New Release And Podcast: Tha Silent Partner delivers music inspired by Gulf City and Pot-C interviews Wals!

We’ve got lots for you to enjoy on this lovely first Friday of December. What could be better in this mad, mad world, right? First up, new music by Tha Silent Partner Over the past three years funky animated series Gulf City has been gaining traction and quite a dedicated cult following. It has al… Read more

Moki Mcfly - Addition Hills Cover

New Release: Moki Mcfly returns with new music!

Today, Moki Mcfly returns with “Addition Hills”, a terrific new album packed with twelve downtempo gems! From 5am to baked, this incredible collection is set to be on repeat for quite a while. Enjoy. Hey Moki… thanks for another terrific release! Fans are sure to be thrilled be the great new sounds… Read more

Tha Bloc Report Episode 15: The Shawn Franklin Episode

Tha Bloc Report Episode 15… Pot-C interviews Shawn Franklin of The Scallions!

For this month’s episode we’ve got a special treat for you. Pot-C interviews blocGLOBAL co-owner Shawn Franklin who happens to also be a member of The Scallions, Action Will Be Taken, Pimpstrut Local #13 and has collaborated multiple times with The Impossebulls! During the interview, somwhere amongs… Read more

Mos Emvy - Not The Same

fortyFive Friday: Mos Emvy hits us with more heat!

Today, Mos Emvy delivers to us another fortyFive featuring what could be considered his best work yet! However, you decide. Download, bump, repeat. Hey Mos… another couple dope tracks! Thanks again. Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver th… Read more

Tha Bloc Report Episode 14: The Pete Lund Episode

Tha Bloc Report Episode 14… Pot-C interviews Pete Lund!

This month, Pot-C interviews Buffalo, NY based singer-songwriter Pete Lund! In the interview Pete gives listeners the inside scoop on how it happened that he first began releasing music here at blocSonic. He talks a little about his latest release Barely Nearly EP and also chops it up a little about… Read more

The Tape: fortyFive Flava, Volume 1

In a few months it’ll be 8 years since we launched the fortyFive series of releases back in May of 2012. It’s high time we begin exploring that series with a series of Tapes. Here’s volume 1… enjoy! R.I.P. The Honorable Sleaze and Marcus J

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From The Crates

Cheese N Pot-C - Blue Bins
Various Artists - netBloc Vol. 37: FIVE
M.J S.K M.M J.D - "C" Is For Cookies
BADLUCK - Infinity
Cheese - Barnaby Comes Alive!!!
Mos Emvy - Next To Me


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