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Cover of “Back 2 Act One (MARTINIS)” by Tha Silent Partner

Tha Silent Partner takes us Back 2 Act One!

If you don’t know, Tha Silent Partner goes way back with us here at blocSonic. He first arrived via the netBloc series, where we featured “No Mas” from his 2007 independent / Me Life & Music release “Platters Act. 1 (Lounge Music And Exotica)”. We then re-released that album along with Acts 2 an… Read more

Cover graphics for “Disasters” by Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized and  Tha Bloc Report Episode 51 hosted by Donnie Ozone

Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized bring Disasters and Donnie & Timezone hit us with mad tunes!

Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized bring Disasters to blocSonic! Ladies & gents, we’re very happy to introduce you to musicians Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized. Christopher Alvarado is a multi instrumentalist who’s primary methods of producing are sound manipulation, ambient and experim… Read more

Cover of “Nerdicus Presents: Themes, Scenes and Soundscapes” by Nerdicus

Nerdicus brings us Themes, Scenes and Soundscapes!

Back in May of this year, we were first introduced to Nerdicus via the dope Cheese N Pot-C album which he produced, “Nerdicus Presents Cheese N Pot-C: The Adventure Begins - Gab to Kag - On The Move”. Well, today, we have his debut solo album for you to enjoy! “Nerdicus Presents: Themes, Scenes and… Read more

Cover of “Lab Leak Therapy” by Headsnack

Headsnack gives you some Lab Leak Therapy!

Today, with his new bonus EP “Lab Leak Therapy”, Headsnack continues to deliver new sounds in advance of his forthcoming album “Too Small to Cancel” that he’s dropping via Grammy award-winning producer Phil Nicolo’s Phil’s Records. Containing songs that didn’t quite make the cut for the album and a… Read more

Cover image for Tha Bloc Report Episode 50: The October 2022 Episode

Donnie Ozone & Timezone Lafontaine do that Bloc Report thing!

As mentioned last month, beginning this month, Pot-C has gone on hiatus from Tha Bloc Report until June 2023. Although we’ll miss him, we’re excited for you to hear this month’s episode! This month Donnie Ozone kicks off his stint filling in as host / Master of Ceremonies along with Timezone Lafont… Read more

Cover of compilation “netBloc Vol. 56: Keep Unknown”

New Release: The netBloc series continues with Volume 56 “Keep Unknown”!

It’s been a year and a half since we released netBloc Vol. 55: Cultural Constant, so we’re very excited to bring you volume 56! This time around we’re presenting you an eclectic selection of twelve incredible Creative Commons licensed songs from all over the world. We took the time and care to craft… Read more

Cover of Tha Bloc Report Episode 49: The Eddie Palmer Episode hosted by Pot-C

Eddie Palmer of Fields Ohio, Vietnam II, & Electric Mirrors stops by Tha Bloc Report!

This month we’re excited to have the talented Eddie Palmer stop by to chop it up with Pot-C! Eddie has been releasing music with blocSonic since 2016 with the projects Fields Ohio, Vietnam II, & Electric Mirrors. However, his ties go back to 2014 when Fields Ohio first appeared on “netBloc Vol.… Read more

Cover of “American Carnage” by Das Mister

Music of resistance: An interview with Das Mister

We’re so happy to finally present to you this, the first of what we hope will be a long series of feature articles that will serve to shed light on our incredible roster of talented artists, our catalog and issues/topics that we feel deserve extra, in-depth coverage. Today we kick things off with an… Read more

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From The Crates

D3Zs - Bloc Party 2 (Featuring CM aka Creative, C-Doc, The Honorable Sleaze, L-Mega & Pot-C)
Various Artists - Chenard's Massive Menagerie of Earth's Grandest Marvels!
A.Moss - Gravel King
Pete Lund - Barely Nearly EP

New music set to drop…

  • 2022.12.09 — Donnie Ozone - Dust On Wax
  • 2022.12.16 — Vik44 - Robot Overlords

The Tape: The Sound System Blasts

For this selection we wanted to take you on a sonic journey through our catalog where sonic characteristics lead to interesting ebs and flows. Enjoy this excursion.

  • Louis Lingg and The Bombs - The Dispossessed (2:41)
  • Pete Lund - Subway Cameo (3:31)
  • Daily Khaos delivery - Electrical love machine (4:14)
  • Vietnam II - Strange Weather (3:43)
  • KLSHNKV - Kalayaan Sound System (2:07)
  • P.U.C.K. - Hope 2 Die (Cross My Liver) (2:59)
  • OWTRIPLEBANG - Shake Hands With Danger (2:45)
  • Graphic Antics - Digital (3:30)
  • DJ Harrison - Jazzy Intro/HeadRock (2:52)
  • DJ Def Chad - Cain (5:43)
  • Mported Flows - Advice (4:02)
  • The Impossebulls - Back To It (2:36)
  • Tha Silent Partner - P!NKSAMNCOLUR (Hentai Edit) (2:29)
  • CM & Tha Silent Partner - No More Heroes (3:52)
  • Heeven Haven - The Door Is Open (4:09)


Recent Releases

  • Cover of “Back 2 Act One (MARTINIS)” by Tha Silent Partner
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  • Cover of “Nerdicus Presents: Themes, Scenes and Soundscapes” by Nerdicus
  • Cover of “Lab Leak Therapy” by Headsnack
  • Cover of “netBloc Vol. 56: Keep Unknown” by Various Artists
  • Cover of “Sleeping On The Side Of The Road XX XE” by C-Doc
  • Cover of “91 NITES… 92 DAYS” by Tha Silent Partner
  • Cover of “Hip-Hop Poppycock” by Headsnack
  • Cover of “Systems” by Alex Franklin
  • Cover of “Galaxy” by Alex Franklin


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