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Remix Louis Lingg and the Bombs!

Remix Louis Lingg And The Bombs!

After 14 years of including Louis Lingg And The Bombs on our netBloc compilation series, we at blocSonic are psyched to be releasing their incredible new album “>_...checking system...disruption detected...”!! In addition to the album, we’ll be dropping a bunch of singles. This is where YOU come… Read more

Cover of “Street Party” by Krazy Shitz

Them Krazy Shitz have that Street Party for you!

Cheese N Pot-C continue to bring their talented extended family with them to tha bloc and today they arrive with Yuk MC! Formed in 1998, the Krazy Shitz previously released a self-titled debut album in 1999. Well, although Yuk has made appearances on various CNP projects, it’s been a long time comin… Read more

Cover of “The Elements Of Fire” by Hydra Gwaii

The Hydra Gwaii takeover!

Hydra Gwaii release their debut album! Who doesn’t love a good Kaiju film? Go ahead google it, if you don’t know. Anyway, the three-headed Hydra Gwaii has taken over blocSonic for the day and we’re not sure if we’ll ever be the same! Who is this Hydra Gwaii you ask? The mega dope hip-hop crew is m… Read more

Cover of “What'cha Wanna Do EP” by Me As In You

Me As In You wants to know What'cha Wanna Do?

For years Mike Gregoire, the founding owner of blocSonic has been making music as mGee. With What'cha Wanna Do EP that changes. He’s now releasing original new music as Me As In You. The EP is essentially a maxi-single for a great new electronic/house track “Wanna (Right Now)” featuring various vers… Read more

Cover of “netBloc Vol. 55: Cultural Constant”

New Release: netBloc Volume 55 maintains the Cultural Constant!

Over 14 years ago, well before we became a netlabel / record label in our own right, we launched blocSonic specifically as a home for our netBloc series of compilations. netBlocs have always been about shining a spotlight on quality netlabels, netaudio artists & open or Creative Commons licensed… Read more

Cover of KLSHNKV’s “Wall Of Sound”

Introducing KLSHNKV's Wall Of Sound!

Today we’ve got “Wall Of Sound”, the phenomenal debut album by Kalashnikov and The Supreme Violence of The Time Describers, better known as KLSHNKV, a producer and rapper from Manila, Philippines. The highly charged album addresses themes of fascism, corruption, state terrorism, indigenous peoples’… Read more

Cover art of M.V.A’s “From The Land”

M.V.A is back From The Land!

Back in June of 2020, M.V.A delivered “Temperature’s Rising” his sonic ode to the turbulent times. Today we’re happy to present to you “From The Land”, which contains that previously released song and five more gems mostly inspired by the rhythms of Africa. Here’s more about the release by M.V.A hi… Read more

Cover of “American Carnage” by Das Mister

Music of resistance: An interview with Das Mister

We’re so happy to finally present to you this, the first of what we hope will be a long series of feature articles that will serve to shed light on our incredible roster of talented artists, our catalog and issues/topics that we feel deserve extra, in-depth coverage. Today we kick things off with an… Read more

The Tape: Fiercely Independent

We at blocGLOBAL have always prided ourselves in being an eclectic label that of course loves hip-hop, but also many other genres. What’s more important to us than the genre, is the quality of the sound and the independence of the artists. Let us shine a light on a few incredible songs that don’t neatly contain themselves within the boxes that the mainstream music industry has created.

  • Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures - Dark Days (9:40)
  • Electric Mirrors - All The People You Know (4:04)
  • ManyFeathers - Stargrazer (2:15)
  • BIT - Hello World (4:08)
  • Bralitz - Douche Manouche (4:24)
  • The Scallions - Silence In Sunshine (5:35)
  • Liam Stewart - She Writes Country Music In Her Sleep (4:28)
  • Dr. Mindflip - World of your own (3:02)
  • Vietnam II - You Spell Like A Peasant (4:00)
  • Lofiuser - Radiant Jaguar (3:54)
  • Lyndon Scarfe - Drifting (3:14)
  • BLKJK - Robinhood (3:53)
  • Garmisch - Truth Is (3:58)
  • Daily Khaos delivery - Goliath (5:39)
  • Das Mister - fentanyl (4:33)

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From The Crates

Various Artists - netBloc Volume 26 (N.E.T.A.U.D.I.O.)
BADLUCK - Master Don
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Taxidermy
Tha Silent Partner - SIX ONNA 7 (Part 4)
Bralitz - Bralitz II
C-Doc - SIX ONNA 7 (Division 5: BLACKOUT!)


Recent Releases

  • Cover of “Street Party” by Krazy Shitz
  • Cover of “The Elements Of Fire” by Hydra Gwaii
  • Cover of “What'cha Wanna Do EP” by Me As In You
  • Cover of “netBloc Vol. 55: Cultural Constant” by Various Artists
  • Cover of “Wall Of Sound” by KLSHNKV
  • Cover of “From The Land” by M.V.A
  • Cover of “Bringer of Light” by OWTRIPLEBANG
  • Cover of “Old Man Lugo EP” by CM aka Creative
  • Cover of “Weapon Of Mass Distraction” by Viktor Van River
  • Cover of “Take Me Down” by MVMX


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Set to drop…

  • 2021.05.07 — Krazy Shitz - Space Signals
  • 2021.05.14 — P.U.C.K. - Hope To Die (Cross My Liver) B/W Cyda Man
  • 2021.05.21 — Krazy Shitz - Back In The Day (Featuring Donnie Ozone and Stanley)
  • 2021.06.11 — P.U.C.K. - MAPL Theory
  • 2021.06.18 — CM & Tha Silent Partner - bloc Sonics 2