Cheese “Barnaby Comes Alive!!!”

Cheese tears ish up with his debut solo albulation for blocSonic! Yeah kids… the cut album returns!!!

Moki Mcfly “Silom”

Moki Mcfly returns with an album of what can best be described as deep world funk. Head-noddingly good!

Eli & The Mannings “Magical Cookies”

The improvBloc series returns with the weird and wonderful sonic odyssey that is “Magical Cookies”! Brought to you by the letters E, A, T & M.

KIN/LUCK “Every Cut Deep”

KIN/LUCK returns with a must hear EP prpduced by Cutside! Never sleep.

The Tape: More Than…

There’s no doubt that hip-hop gets its shine aplenty here at blocSonic.
However, hip-hop is not all we do. Listen and let this eclectic selection of gems from our first decade say it all.