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Cover of “Belly Up” by Louis Lingg and the Bombs

Louis Lingg and The Bombs 3rd single drops!

In exactly two weeks Louis Lingg and the Bombs release their incredible new album “>_…checking system…disruption detected…”! However, don’t fret, today you get to hear a couple more songs with their rockin’ new single “Belly Up”. Just as with the two previous singles, the cover illustration is by… Read more

Cover of “The Midnight Void” by MVMX

MVMX releases his debut album!

Today Bryan McCorvey aka MVMX delivers his fantastic debut album! “The Midnight Void” is packed with eight joints featuring his own unique blend of electronic wave music. Download, enjoy, but most of all, don’t sleep on it. Hey MVMX… dope debut album! Fans are sure to dig it. Thanks to @peanut_god_… Read more

Image containing cover of Louis Lingg and the Bombs “Nowhereland” and Tha Bloc Report Episode 37

Louis Lingg and the Bombs & Tha Bloc Report, oh my!

Louis Lingg and the Bombs come out of Nowhereland with their second single! Three weeks ago, fans got to hear “Freaky Deaky” the first of six incredible singles from Louis Lingg and the Bombs’ new album “>_…checking system…disruption detected…”, their first for blocSonic! Well, today they lob an… Read more

Cover of “The Venture” by Alex Franklin

Alex Franklin's new single drops!

Hey music lovers… today we’ve got “The Venture”, the fantastic new single from Alex Franklin’s debut album “FROST”. In addition to the album cut, the B-Side is the exclusive non-album track “C Sharp”. So go ahead, download your free copy of this great music! Alex, thanks again for allowing blocSoni… Read more

Cover of “Freaky Deaky” by Louis Lingg and the Bombs

Louis Lingg and The Bombs get Freaky Deaky at blocSonic!

Louis Lingg and The Bombs (LLATB) have been down with blocSonic almost as long as it’s existed. Their first netBloc appearance goes as far back as October 2007 when we included their explosive punk ditty “Conspiracy” on “netBloc Volume 9 (Lo-Fi Adventures on Planet Rheton!)”. So, it makes perfect se… Read more

blocCast Tha Bloc Report logo

Tha Bloc Report Episode 36: The P.U.C.K. Episode Deux!

After a busy month of July packed with releases including those for Netlabel Day, it’s time for Pot-C to catch you all up on the latest and greatest! In addition, for this month’s interview he gets together with P.U.C.K. to discuss Molsen Twinz, the recent releases and sampling. So download or list… Read more

Cover of “FROST” by Alex Franklin

Alex Franklin's FROST out now!

Today we’re thrilled to present to you the debut album by Alex Franklin, an artist who is carrying on a strong music legacy. His father Shawn and uncle Mike are The Scallions. Before them, Alex’ grandfather was also a musician, his mom’s aunt sang and her father & uncle played, too. With “FROST… Read more

Cover of “American Carnage” by Das Mister

Music of resistance: An interview with Das Mister

We’re so happy to finally present to you this, the first of what we hope will be a long series of feature articles that will serve to shed light on our incredible roster of talented artists, our catalog and issues/topics that we feel deserve extra, in-depth coverage. Today we kick things off with an… Read more

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From The Crates

LOWdown - dumpTRUCK XE
Deadly Combo - Up To You (3 Da Hard Way) (Featuring Cable)
Lyndon Scarfe - Waving
Daily Khaos delivery - Plastic Houses

Set to drop…

  • 2021.10.01 — Louis Lingg and The Bombs - >...checking system... disruption detected...
  • 2021.10.15 — Louis Lingg and The Bombs - Disrupt
  • 2021.10.22 — Moki Mcfly - Grey
  • 2021.10.29 — Louis Lingg and The Bombs - Breathe Out
  • 2021.11.05 — Yuk MC - Smokeshow
  • 2021.11.12 — Louis Lingg and The Bombs - No Joke

The Tape: Fiercely Independent

We at blocGLOBAL have always prided ourselves in being an eclectic label that of course loves hip-hop, but also many other genres. What’s more important to us than the genre, is the quality of the sound and the independence of the artists. Let us shine a light on a few incredible songs that don’t neatly contain themselves within the boxes that the mainstream music industry has created.

  • Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures - Dark Days (9:40)
  • Electric Mirrors - All The People You Know (4:04)
  • ManyFeathers - Stargrazer (2:15)
  • BIT - Hello World (4:08)
  • Bralitz - Douche Manouche (4:24)
  • The Scallions - Silence In Sunshine (5:35)
  • Liam Stewart - She Writes Country Music In Her Sleep (4:28)
  • Dr. Mindflip - World of your own (3:02)
  • Vietnam II - You Spell Like A Peasant (4:00)
  • Lofiuser - Radiant Jaguar (3:54)
  • Lyndon Scarfe - Drifting (3:14)
  • BLKJK - Robinhood (3:53)
  • Garmisch - Truth Is (3:58)
  • Daily Khaos delivery - Goliath (5:39)
  • Das Mister - fentanyl (4:33)


Recent Releases

  • Cover of “Belly Up” by Louis Lingg and The Bombs
  • Cover of “The Midnight Void” by MVMX
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  • Cover of “The Venture” by Alex Franklin
  • Cover of “Freaky Deaky” by Louis Lingg and The Bombs
  • Cover of “FROST” by Alex Franklin
  • Cover of “Thank Fuck For People Like Us” by Ergo Phizmiz
  • Cover of “P.U.C.K. Presents Da Molsen Twinz: Maximum Awesomeness” by P.U.C.K.
  • Cover of “Riddims & Stems” by Tha Silent Partner
  • Cover of “bloc Sonics 2 (Tha TSPMENTALS)” by CM & Tha Silent Partner


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