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Cover of the 2023 self-titled album by Nerdicus

Nerdicus continues his sonic odyssey with a new album!

Hey kids! Today Nerdicus returns with his great new self-titled album! Thirteen tracks deep, it’s an album packed with electronic adventures awaiting eager ears. Please don’t let me bore you any longer, though… just download it and enjoy. Happy listening! Hey Nerdicus… thanks for another terrific a… Read more

Cover of Tha Bloc Report The November 2023 Episode hosted by Donnie Ozone and featuring Timezone Lafontaine

Donnie and Timezone return with Tha Bloc Report November 2023 episode!

Alright y’all Donnie Ozone and Timezone Lafontaine’s are bringing it again with another episode of Tha Bloc Report! As always, this month Donnie digs into the archives spinning music new and old and the Heat of the Month Top 5. Timezone of course once again delivers a smokin’ hot 20 Minute Workout… Read more

Cover of “My Reeboks (Not U Remix)” by Donnie Ozone

Donnie Ozone's Reeboks!

Hey kids… today we’ve got a fresh Not U remix of “My Reeboks”, a Donnie Ozone tune that he originally dropped a decade ago on the now defunct EDM label SubTrash Records. Download. Crank it up. Enjoy. Oh… and Donnie Ozone is not endorsed by Reeboks, he is just a big fan of Reebok Classics footwear.… Read more

Cover image for "The October 2023 Episode" hosted by Donnie Ozone

Tha Bloc Report for October 2023 has arrived!

Here we go! Donnie Ozone and Timezone Lafontaine return with Tha Bloc Report for October 2023 and as usual, it’s music packed. Between Donnie’s spins of the latest tunes and Heat of the Month, and Timezone’s great new installment of his 20 Minute Workout blocSonic megamix, you’re going to hear musi… Read more

Cover of “Tha Bloc Report Episode 61: The September 2023 Episode” hosted by Donnie Ozone and featuring Timezone Lafontaine

Tha Bloc Report for September 2023 is packed with music by Moki Mcfly and much more!

Alright kids… are you a fan of those dope beats? Because, if you are, you’re going to love this episode’s New Release & Crate Dig segment where Donnie Ozone kicks things off for this month’s episode of Tha Bloc Report spinning a few gems from Moki Mcfly’s blocSonic catalog. Of course, what woul… Read more

Cover of “Tabernacle Sanctuary Alligator Soufflé” by Moki Mcfly

Moki Mcfly returns with the exciting Tabernacle Sanctuary Alligator Soufflé!

Moki Mcfly describes “Tabernacle Sanctuary Alligator Soufflé”, his 7th blocSonic release, as “a token of creative cross-pollination, assimilating influences from a multitude of origins”. That hits the nail on the head. A culmination of years of influences and experience, the new eleven track album i… Read more

Cover image for Tha Bloc Report Episode 60: The Netlabel Day Listening Party Episode

Check out Tha Bloc Report's Netlabel Day Listening Party!

Hey all… this month we have a very special episode for you to enjoy. With Netlabel Day having just happened on July 14th, Donnie Ozone wanted to put together something special to shine a spotlight on the eight fantastic releases that blocSonic released for that event… releases by Cheese N Pot-C, Nic… Read more

Cover of “American Carnage” by Das Mister

Music of resistance: An interview with Das Mister

We’re so happy to finally present to you this, the first of what we hope will be a long series of feature articles that will serve to shed light on our incredible roster of talented artists, our catalog and issues/topics that we feel deserve extra, in-depth coverage. Today we kick things off with an… Read more

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From The Crates

mGee - Old Orchard Beach EP
CM & Tha Silent Partner - bloc Sonics: Tha TSPmentals
CM & Tha Silent Partner - bloc Sonics
Mos Emvy - Not The Same

The Tape: The Sound System Blasts

For this selection we wanted to take you on a sonic journey through our catalog where sonic characteristics lead to interesting ebs and flows. Enjoy this excursion.

  • Louis Lingg and The Bombs - The Dispossessed (2:41)
  • Pete Lund - Subway Cameo (3:31)
  • Daily Khaos delivery - Electrical love machine (4:14)
  • Vietnam II - Strange Weather (3:43)
  • KLSHNKV - Kalayaan Sound System (2:07)
  • P.U.C.K. - Hope 2 Die (Cross My Liver) (2:59)
  • OWTRIPLEBANG - Shake Hands With Danger (2:45)
  • Graphic Antics - Digital (3:30)
  • DJ Harrison - Jazzy Intro/HeadRock (2:52)
  • DJ Def Chad - Cain (5:43)
  • Mported Flows - Advice (4:02)
  • The Impossebulls - Back To It (2:36)
  • Tha Silent Partner - P!NKSAMNCOLUR (Hentai Edit) (2:29)
  • CM & Tha Silent Partner - No More Heroes (3:52)
  • Heeven Haven - The Door Is Open (4:09)


Recent Releases

  • Cover of “Nerdicus” by Nerdicus
  • Cover of “My Reeboks (Not U Remix)” by Donnie Ozone
  • Cover of “Tabernacle Sanctuary Alligator Soufflé” by Moki Mcfly
  • Cover of “The Adventure Begins - Gab to Kag - On The Move (Instrumentals)” by Nerdicus
  • Cover of “Friendly Neighborhood Banners” by Cheese N Pot-C
  • Cover of “Degenerate Art” by Nick Falcon
  • Cover of “Don't Go Changing” by Pot-C
  • Cover of “The Comet” by Headsnack
  • Cover of “Neon” by Me As In You
  • Cover of “SIX ONNA 7 (Stage 6)” by C-Doc


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