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Netlabel Day 2021

For 2021 our amazing artists really turned it out with a bunch of releases to help celebrate Netlabel Day! In addition to the 6 brand new releases by Ergo Phizmiz, P.U.C.K., Tha Silent Partner, CM & Tha Silent Partner & Donnie Ozone, we made availa…

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Netlabel Day 2020

Awww yeah… for the crazy pandemic era Netlabel Day, you know we had to turn it out! Vietnam II, mGee and you know it… Donnie Ozone!

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Netlabel Day 2019

Thanks to Donnie Ozone and Tha Silent Partner for making it happen for the fifth annual Netlabel Day!

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Netlabel Day 2018

For the 4th annual Netlabel Day, Donnie Ozone held it down with his new single "End Of The Show". Thanks Donnie!

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Netlabel Day 2017

For the 3rd annual Netlabel Day we’ve got new music by Luck & Doc, Ant The Symbol and Donnie Ozone for you to enjoy!

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The Impossebulls’ The Devils You Know Era

Any Bulls fan worth their salt needs to be up on all that they released in 2016. Keep checking back… the year’s not over yet!

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Netlabel Day 2016

The second annual Netlabel Day has already arrived and we turned it out with nine additions to our eclectic catalog, including a new samplePack series for music makers! Check them out here.

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It's A Bloc Party!

Occasionally the blocSonic hip-hop FAM collaborate to record a classic posse cut. Those singles will be added here for you to easily find.

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What TSP began as a way to push the boundaries of what our fortyFive series could do, has developed into a significant sub-series. Six tracks... one fortyFive.

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Netlabel Day 2015

For the first annual Netlabel Day we went all out and dropped six terrific additions to our eclectic catalog. Check them out here.

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TSP’s Platters Series

Back in 2007, Tha Silent Partner began releasing a series of “Platters” releases via Jamendo and under his label Me, Life & Music. The Platters series were an exploration of vinyl samples based on particular themes. The first installment, “Platters Act…

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The Impossebulls’ EHCNID Era

For you Impossebulls fans who are also completists, be sure to get a hold of all the releases from the “Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different” era!