Razor Edge

Toronto music artist Razor Edge has quite the lengthy portfolio when it comes to his musical achievements. The locals just call him Razor knowing that he can definitely energize the dancefloor. Adam is best known for his rougher side of dropping loud bass kicks, brilliant uptempo beats, and fresh ideas to keep the creative flow vibrant. Influenced to be active by locals such as Devon Martin, Jeff Healey, and Darrin Kenneth O’Brien who made a name for themselves in the Toronto community. Back in those days Razor Edge collected cassette tapes and popped into the Electric Circus event which was hosted by MuchMusic every Friday night. Growing up in Toronto, Adam has attented many house parties, raves, and underground parties. Well skilled at beat matching on vinyl, CD decks, and live acts. Able to MC and sometimes he sings. Performed along with international music stars such as The Outside Agency, Paul Elstak, Guillaume Leroux, Drokz, Tieum, Catscan, Manu Le Malin and Lenny Dee at football stadium size events entertaining thousands.


Razor Edge - Reawaken