Featured Music Artists


In 2010, as part of Black Flag Records, rapper A.Moss exploded out of North Carolina, the home of the tall pines, with the release of his debut album “Dead Language”.... Read more about A.Moss

Awesome Dré And The Hardcore Committee

In the late 80s, Detroit rap pioneer Awesome Dré (Hard Core Committee) was among the first to stomp onto the national scene by signing to Priority Records. With his mix... Read more about Awesome Dré And The Hardcore Committee


From the first album armed with scattershot 808s, laser canon synths, subterranean bass bombs and word grenades, Australia based music artist BlakJak set out to leave a world that has... Read more about BLKJK

C da 76er

Early on in his musical journey, CM aka Creative began producing his own music out of necessity. Since then he’s gone on to produce a significant catalog of music. For... Read more about C da 76er


David “C-Doc” Snyder is a producer, musician, rapper, and filmmaker. After years of making tapes of solo music for friends, he reached out to Chuck D of Public Enemy who... Read more about C-Doc

CM & Tha Silent Partner

In 2013, Tha Silent Partner was working on his celebratory Platters, Act 5: The Silent Anniversary (10 Years Of Tha Silent Partner) and he called on blocSonic label mate CM... Read more about CM & Tha Silent Partner

CM aka Creative

Born in NYC, CM has been writing music since 16. He moved to Maryland in 1996 and has been recording music ever since. A talented writer and producer, CM has... Read more about CM aka Creative


As one half of Cheese N Pot-C, Cheese is a triple threat… rhyme skills… production mastery… and turntable wizardry. On the solo tip… he speaks funny things with his hands.... Read more about Cheese

Cheese N Pot-C

Cheese N Pot-C (originally DJ Murtle MC & How Now Lau), have been recording and performing since 1989. These brothers cut their teeth in the Vancouver suburb of Port Coquitlam... Read more about Cheese N Pot-C

Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized

Christopher Alvarado is a multi-instrumentalist who’s primary methods of producing are sound manipulation, ambient and experimental music.Alvarado has been playing and performing since 1985 with diversified bands such as Twilight... Read more about Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized

Church Of Space Presents: Nu Kids OFF The Block

The Church Of Space: Physics, Metaphysics, Occult, Philosophy, Crypto, Music, and Community all wrapped in one brainwashing cult.Nu Kids OFF The Block: A multimedia and multi-medium Church of Space Artefact... Read more about Church Of Space Presents: Nu Kids OFF The Block

Cutside & Trey

Cutside & Trey are a project created by producer Andrey Martinchik (aka Cutside) & guitarist Andrey Kruchko. You may previously know them as MBX. With this new project they work... Read more about Cutside & Trey

Donnie Ozone

Always encouraging the creativity in others, 2012 saw Donnie Ozone make his push into the music-scene & the internet.  By uploading original a-cappella vocal tracks under Creative Commons licenses, he... Read more about Donnie Ozone

Dr. Mindflip

Dr. Mindflip are a masked, mysterious quintet that ooze out hallucinogenic piano pop, jazzy nightmares & funky dreams.The Doctor INSISTS that you meet his merry band:SIZZLE gently to the simmering... Read more about Dr. Mindflip

Nick Falcon

Nick Falcon (born in 1982) is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Northern, Italy. Starting with his debut release with Aaahh Records in 2011, he has released over... Read more about Nick Falcon

Fields Ohio

Fields Ohio is the long distance collaboration of Christine Annarino in Ohio and Eddie Palmer in New York. Their sound consists of lofi beats, banjo, ukulele, guitar, bass, percussion, synths... Read more about Fields Ohio

Alex Franklin

Music has been my life since I knew how to walk. And since I was in 6th grade I was always writing music. It originally started with me doing a... Read more about Alex Franklin


Headsnack is a multimedia artist that creates songs & videos that mock humanity. Whether social media, consumerism, or your food supply… nobody is safe from the wrath of this hiphop... Read more about Headsnack

Headsnack & Primo Sol

Two composers from different backgrounds that share similar music sensibilities. Headsnack, hiphop/electronic music composer and producer has been calling on classically trained guitarist and composer, Primo Sol since 2015. You... Read more about Headsnack & Primo Sol

The Honorable Sleaze

The Honorable Sleaze is an American rapper from Richmond, VA. Sleaze is known locally as a skilled emcee/producer. Sleaze's music has an "everyman" quality, and he focuses his attention on... Read more about The Honorable Sleaze

Hydra Gwaii

Hey gang, Cheese N Pot-C, here. You already know what we’re about, plus there’s a zillion other things here at blocSonic where you can take a sniff if you don’t.... Read more about Hydra Gwaii

The Impossebulls

In 1998, Hip Hop visionary and Public Enemy leader Chuck D took to the fledgling world wide web to establish a fan super-site that featured a forum where PE fans... Read more about The Impossebulls


Kalashnikov and The Supreme Violence of The Time Describers, better known as KLSHNKV is a Music Producer and Rapper from Manila, Philippines. KLSHNKV'S music address themes of fascism, corruption,state terrorism,... Read more about KLSHNKV

Krazy Shitz

The Krazy Shitz formed in 1998 as a spin-off from the P.U.C.K. Crew in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Founding members How Now Lau and DJ Murtle (Pot-C and Cheese, respectively) were... Read more about Krazy Shitz

Louis Lingg and The Bombs

Parisian anarcho-pop stars, Louis Lingg and the Bombs are releasing the best album of their careers on the 1st of October, 2021 on the legendary US creative commons label, BlocSonic.... Read more about Louis Lingg and The Bombs


M.V.A (formerly known as Virtu-oso a.k.a V-Man) is a London, England based music producer who explores sonic possibilities though instrumentals and soundscapes with a raw, sometimes eccentric, electronic and indie... Read more about M.V.A


MVMX is an electronic/wave based project started in 2019 by Bryan McCorvey who is a producer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Read more about MVMX


I was born in northeast United States in 1973, in a time of rock gods on pedestals… everything larger than life… memories of melodies… sitting in my fathers truck… Paul... Read more about ManyFeathers

Me As In You

Also known as mGee aka Mike Gregoire, founder and creator of blocSonic.com. He began making music around 1999, mashing up and remixing tracks using Acid Pro. Though, actually, his connection... Read more about Me As In You

Moki Mcfly

Moki Mcfly is a music producer from Manila, Philippines. He is known for his atmospheric instrumental production which incorporates sound elements from nature and extensive use of dug-up recordings and... Read more about Moki Mcfly

Chuck Mosley

After three decades working in music, Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Bad Brains, Indoria, Primitive Race) decided to pursue a solo project with a raw, psychedelic, acoustic direction. Armed with... Read more about Chuck Mosley


Canadian multi-genre music artist of varying styles, producer and DJ with a passion for a little turntablisn with his mixes. Read more about Nerdicus


OW!!! (or the more algorithm/search friendly OWTRIPLEBANG) comes to us out of Portland, Oregon. Not much is known beyond the following facts… Born on the East Coast. Years 15-25 deep in... Read more about OWTRIPLEBANG


Coming to us straight outta the Great White North… P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids) deliver their own brand of hip-hop, sometimes fused with live instrumentation, some delivering it raw. Always... Read more about P.U.C.K.


Who is Pot-C, and why should you spend valuable minutes of your life finding out?  Reason number one is that he is a genuine old-school hip-hop head, just like you... Read more about Pot-C

Regenerated Headpiece

Regenerated Headpiece is a hip-hop hybrid musical outfit that first burst onto New York City’s live music scene in the late 1990s. Its core members are producer/MC Phon-X (a.k.a. Headsnack),... Read more about Regenerated Headpiece

Renaldo & The Loaf

Two British guys, Brian Poole and David Janssen, who met in 1970 and self-taught themselves to play their instruments in their own very individual way. Always recording their own material... Read more about Renaldo & The Loaf

Robot House

Robot House are the under the underground hip-hop supergroup comprised of BiggaThomas N Donnie Ozone N Cheese N Pot-C. Don't sleep on that real hip-hop. Word. Read more about Robot House

SKOL x Donnie Ozone

SKOL is a producer and bass player living in Manchester, UK. A former journalist and DJ, he now makes music for fun in collaboration with others around the world, including... Read more about SKOL x Donnie Ozone

The Scallions

The Scallions have been recording for over 30 years. The band is made up of two brothers, Mike and Shawn Franklin. They like to call their sound “Avant-Garde Power Pop”.... Read more about The Scallions

Shred Lexicon

Shred Lexicon is writer, editor, and recording/performing artist located in New York City. Shred emerged on the New York underground hip-hop scene in the late 1990s as part of Regenerated... Read more about Shred Lexicon


Spiedkiks is a German electronic music duo formed in Cologne & Stuttgart. Consisting of Chris “Kik” Stark and Andi “Spied” Möller, they mashed their nicknames together and had their name…... Read more about Spiedkiks

Liam Stewart

Born, Glasgow. Lives, Yorkshire. Liam Stewart, former guitarist with 80s post punk outfit Creatures of Habit who after some legal haggling over the name morphed into The Silent Scream releasing one... Read more about Liam Stewart

Tha Silent Partner

Originally from Luton, UK - now living in Massachusetts, USA - Tha Silent Partner’s discography is a true testament to his depth of experimentation. TSP’s releases range from house to... Read more about Tha Silent Partner

Timezone Lafontaine

Timezone Lafontaine utilizes cheap equipment pushed to the brink of destruction to evoke longdrives on moonlit interstates, healing rains and radiant sunlight, and the radical potential forinner growth. The purpose... Read more about Timezone Lafontaine

Vietnam II

Vietnam II is a post-surf band from Columbus, Ohio. The group was originally created by Eddie Palmer in 2004 with guitarist Jamarr Mays joining in 2006. Vietnam II went on... Read more about Vietnam II

Viktor Van River

Beatmaker, producer and trip-hop artist hailing from Kazakhstan. For 15 years, he’s been actively engaged in creating music and has had some of it spun on local radio. His debut... Read more about Viktor Van River


Hailing from North Carolina, the home of the tall pines, Wals arrives at blocSonic delivering his debut EP "SHEESH" featuring his unique blend of beats, rhyme and melody. Destined to... Read more about Wals

Yuk MC

Yuk MC (aka Yukon Sleeman) was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Music was a part of his life from the beginning, as his Grandmother Anita was a... Read more about Yuk MC


You might better know him as Mike Gregoire, founder and creator of blocSonic.com. What you probably didn’t know about him is that he began making music around 1999, mashing up... Read more about mGee