All The Hats

ALL THE HATS (also known as ATH) is a four piece band that took its first musical steps in the local scene of Rosario, Argentina in 2001. Their members used to play in different punk rock groups from the area. Shortly after, they released their first album “Rent a Hat and Join Us”, an EP with 5 songs all sung in english. At that time their sound was mostly influenced by the likes of Social Distortion, The Clash and Rancid, just to name a few. In 2003, following extensive touring and live shows, the band finished recording their first full length album, titled “No Signal”. This CD was distributed not only nationwide in Argentina, but also in Chile, Uruguay, Peru, and Brazil. This allowed the band to make its first visit abroad in 2003, as they travelled for three concerts to Chile. At the same time they re-edited their debut EP with two bonus tracks. In 2004 they continued to play numerous live shows across Argentina, greeted by an ever more enthusiastic audience. In 2005 the band released “Stand Your Underground”, a compilation that includes their previous albums, as well as unreleased material. The album was released on Pinhead Records (independent record label from Argentina), and was accompanied by their first video clip. Finally, in late 2006 the band released their latest work, titled “Red, Black, and White” with 10 tracks, 7 of which are sung completely in Spanish.

Their songs were included in several compilations and the band did the following international tours (until the present): Chile (sept.2003) / Brasil (dec.2004) / Perú (oct.2006) / Brasil (jun-jul.2007) / Chile (oct.2008) / Holland + Germany (oct.2009).   They toured all over their country, from small clubs to big crowds, sharing stages with the most significant bands from Argentina and also with international guests like The Bouncing Souls and Down By Law. 

Right now ATH is working on brand new material; you can check 2 new songs on their MySpace or download the mp3 from Lepork Records. Their music evolved up to a different point, maintaining their essence but improving with an extended musical baggage, life’s experiencies and personal visions. In the beginning of 2010 they’ll record the new album.