Daily Khaos delivery

Daily Khaos delivery (aka DKd) are Jordi Bohigues and Javier Peiró, who started out several years ago in the Spanish scene of Valencia as a duet and established themselves as a pop-rock act.

After several years searching for their sound and trying to find themselves comfortable in a more alternative style, they released their first album: My Favourite Disaster (2010), which was followed up two years later by Disorder (2012).

Some months later, and not completely convinced about carrying on in the same classic pop-rock direction, they made friends with musician and producer Jorge Sasera, who helped to evolve their sound to a more electronic based one. He is a regular collaborator with the band and also in other projects like La Muñeca de Sal (a progressive rock collective from Valencia) and rumorse (an alias for his own IDM developments).

The result of the collaboration is an EP, Plastic Houses, a combination of electronic and alternative rock layers, in which they have experimented more with their sound, but without losing their identity.