DJ Harrison

DJ Harrison (Devonne Harris), is a talented, Grammy nominated (for his work on Kurt Elling’s “SuperBlue”) multi-instrumentalist/composer hailing from Richmond, Virginia (RVA). His sound is a tasty mélange of Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B & Hip-Hop. It’s all of those things, yet it’s so much more. In another era, a talent such as DJH might find himself working with greats such as Coltrane, Miles, JB, Isaac, or Curtis… he is THAT good. Though, that’s not to say he’s not working with some talented musicians today…

These days, DJ Harrison is still active performing through-out the East Coast. He is a member of the following bands: Butcher Brown, John D’earth Quintet, Morwenna Lasko and Jay Pun, the Compass Rose Orchestra, RVA Big Band, Zion Chester Gospel Choir, and the Hope Harris Children’s Ensemble. He’s played with local jazz figures like Justin Kauflin, Skip Gailes, Bob Hallahan, Charles Owens, Alan Parker, Jason Jenkins, and Marcus Tenney. He’s also performed with Amaury Acosta’s Unity, Robert Glasper, NOBS Brass Band, DJ Williams Projekt, Beast Wellington, New Belgians, Big Payback, Bryce McCormick, Photosynthesizers, Root Downs, Just Plain Sounds, and more. His current projects in the works include Samantha Hewlett-Reed, Mighty Monde (Reeverb collaboration), Butcher Brown debut record (it’s done, waiting on publishing), negotiations with OHBLIV for some Butcher Brown remixes, and his solo Funk singer-songwriter record (to include vocals and numerous DJH oddities). 

He has since gone on to release “HazyMoods” for Stones Throw in 2017.