Electric Mirrors

Electric Mirrors is a collaborative music production duo from New York, NY & Asheville, NC. Working through email, the duo send each other recorded parts until songs are constructed. Eddie Palmer & Derek Rutter formed the project in 2011 in order to continue writing music together despite the distance involved.

The two first met in 2003 during freshman year at the Ohio State University & began creating songs shortly after. Eventually, they formed a surf rock band with Palmer on vocals/guitar & Rutter on bass. They performed numerous live shows throughout Ohio over the next three years. The band separated in 2008 when everyone involved moved to different cities.

Eddie Palmer has resided in the New York City area for 8 years. His other projects include The Fucked Up Beat, Fields Ohio & Studio Noir. He also composes music for experimental theater & independent films.

Derek Rutter lives in Asheville, NC & works as a therapist. He has lived in China & traveled throughout the world. He hopes to one day start a band with Morrissey & the members of Ladytron.