EATM is a collective of musical and lyrical heads that get together with very little planning in mind. 90% of their songs are off-the-head, spontaneous creations.

EATM, formerly (and sometimes still) known as Eli and the Mannings, consists of the following members on this release:

Headsnack (Sampler/Sequencer/Synthesizer/Vocals) - Spirit Animal: Wolf • Menant a.k.a. Man Halen (Electric and Acoustic Guitar/Synthesizer/ Vocals) - Spirit Animal: Koala • Old Yist (Sampler/Sequencer/Synthesizer/Vocals) - Spirit Animal: Raccoon • Shred Lexicon a.k.a. Verby Mancock (Vocals) - Spirit Animal: Chimpanzee • MC Doctor President (Vocals/Trombone) - Spirit Animal: Hawk Matty H a.k.a. King Moose Juice (Bang Box/Vocals) - Spirit Animal: Fox • Donny Bassball (Bass Guitar/Vocals) - Spirit Animal: Bass (fish) • Nicolo Toscani (Vocals) - Spirit Animal: Dove