ETHX found everything in hip hop music. His philosophy on the culture has been stated like this: “Hip Hop is the modern version of everything we’ve been doing for hundreds of years already, from the visual arts, to dance, poetry, and music composition. It proves that these forms of expression are timeless and embedded in our subconscious”. It was not long until ETHX wanted to make a living pushing this idea. The concept of ETHX Productions was born, slapped on the ass, and tossed into the world! “Metaphisik Television” is our vision, ETHX whispered to himself after a long night of creative endeavors. From that day on, the only television ETHX would ever turn on again would be the vision he watched in his mind. An idea was conceived and the creation of a new movement had begun. He stated, The Metaphisik Movement is the search for true reality through exploration of thought. To best analyze our mind is to project it through visions, sounds, and words. Metaphisik Records is the musical side of the movement that we have began to work towards. You can call it the music department. Since then, this CEO/Producer of ETHX Productions has worked to push collective thought and originality into anything developed by his company. ETHX produced, recorded, and mixed his first release, Metaphisik Television, a collaboration of artists including all of the Metaphisik philosophers. When ETHX is not producing he usually spends his time reading up on philosophy. ETHX has also scored a few independent film projects and has a love for film production, photography, writing, and just about anything that allows creative expression. ETHX has and always will look into the future as if gazing into an abstract painting.