Ghostown is the project of 27yr old Rael, now based in France, drawing on wide influences from Enos 70s experiments, Prince Paul productions, Trickys mellow moments to the Bulgarian mountain folk music. Ghostowns sound is strong, varied and original. In one listeners own words "Hypnotizing melodies, dark creepy lyrics, soft rapping vocals, Ghostown sounds like an absolutelly logical extrapolation of hip hop but with a surprisingly unique voice"

Having undergone many guises over the years since his first trip hoppy excursions way back in 98, Rael / Dr Rael-skinn / El - Ra / Dr Vorillon. For the last year Ghostown have been stirring up a fuss in the south of france. Building on influences such as traditional eastern gypsy and klezmzer music, 90s hip hop, experimental groups such as Talking heads, and the various works of sir Brian Eno. The emergence of trip hop, portishead and electronic music, drum and bass and the like. Ghostowns sound has been unique since 98, however different, however varied, there is a special something holding it all together. Having always worked with musicians (and being a musician himself) Raels personal projects have often been interpreted live with a band. Currently Ghostown has 2 permanent members, adding their own style and twist to the Ghostown sound. Kirsa (Microsilloneurs), is a deck manipulator, (scratch artist) or simply a DJ, but he is much more, he uses his decks as an instrument itself, making his samples sing melodies that were never there beforehand. Besides his musical skills, Kirsa is also more and more present in structuring the songs and putting forward ideas for the arrangements. Baptiste (Process)'s electric guitar has a lot of character, whether joining the manicness of Raels wacky synthesizers or thickening the atmosphere with moody chords. Ghostown are constantly innovating/re-inventing and creating, each live interpretation is slightly (or sometimes hugely) different.