Jeremy Macachor

I like to make music. It’s very fun. And I like to have fun. So that’s why I make music. I've been doing it for a while now. And it’s still fun. I’ve done music with friends, family, in school with teachers, by myself. They are all fun ways of making music, except the school one. That one was kind of boring. That’s why I quit music school. Music school isn’t fun. And I like to have fun. I’ve yet to try playing music on the street though. I think that’s called busking. But I’m travelling around Europe right now so maybe I’ll do it. It sounds fun, and I like to have fun, so I think I’ll try it. Maybe I’ll make some money out of it too! Money’s fun. You can buy things with money. Like more instruments and recording tings to make music with. And making music is fun.