Krazy Shitz

The Krazy Shitz formed in 1998 as a spin-off from the P.U.C.K. Crew in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Founding members How Now Lau and DJ Murtle (Pot-C and Cheese, respectively) were part of a revolving door of room mates living in a duplex on Fraser Street. At one point, Yuk MC, the third ingredient of the Krazy Shitz, was living downstairs while Cheese and/or Pot-C was/were living upstairs. Most likely over a bong hit or a passed joint, Yuk MC was invited to play on P.U.C.K.’s 1997 release, “Brain Damaged Goodz”. He then appeared on How Now Lau & DJ Murtle’s 1997 release, “Villains Of Villainville”. Yuk MC officially got on the mic on P.U.C.K.’s 1998 release, “Shitface Off”. This project was recorded at Columbia Academy Studios in Vancouver when Pot-C and Qwest-Dogg (also of the P.U.C.K. Crew and the Suburban Banditz) were both students there. Pot-C was able to get the newly formed Krazy Shitz into the studio as well to record their self-titled debut. It was then released on cassette tapes in local record stores in Vancouver. Yuk MC had also officially become part of the P.U.C.K. crew, joining them for shows around Vancouver and even making it to the annual Canada Day pit parties in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Their self-titled debut was re-released on CD in 1999 with additional tracks recorded at Pot-C’s 401 Lab. Then Pot-C and eventually, Cheese moved to Japan and a follow up album never materialized, although there were a few attempts. Yuk MC would make appearances on Cheese N Pot-C’s and Pot-C’s solo releases over the years - the latest being their 2020 release. “Muldoonsday Device”. After it was released, C-N-P gave Yuk a drunken late night call to make the long awaited follow up a reality. The forthcoming album, “Space Signals” is just that — as they collaborated over the internet to put it together. This is just the beginning of even more albums to together that won’t take 23 years in between them!