L'Onomatopeur was born in 1986 in Nantes, France. He only discovered electronic music at the age of thirteen by listening to artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Laurent Garnier. This quickly convinced him to get a drum machine and then a sampler at 16. He is among others influenced by English drum'n'bass and big-beat styles. In 2005 he released the album "Always Beating" (named after his own radio program), which is distributed by Jamendo.com under creative common rules. This album gave him many opportunities such as composing the soundtrack of extreme sports movies (David Arnaud's kayak DVD best europeen an mondial DVD of Kayak, skateboard videos for the Agoride website, etc.). L'Onomatopeur released his new album "Accumbens" in 2006, with more work and maturity.

Actually, L'Onomatopeur goes into some tracks inspired by his influences (Aphex Twin, Richar Devine, Autechre...)