Lorenzo's Music

Lorenzo’s Music, not to be confused with Lorenzo Music (the voice of Garfield in Garfield and Friends), consists of musicians who each bring their own unique quality to the table. The raspy-dirty-clean of vocalist Tom Ray, the crunchy, bluesy ring of Mark Whitcomb’s guitar, at times dark. A rhythm section of bassist Cliff Hammer and drummer Rob Gugel, the melodic glue of Eric Brusewitz on keys and the sweet, sweet low of Bryan Elliott on baritone sax.

It’s old meets new. Electronic meets analog. Doing exactly what we feel when it comes to songwriting. Not to mention it took many years to come up with this current line up of players. But with each release it’s progressed from the previous sound and continues to grow. Which can be good or bad depending on your own tastes. But it always comes down to the songs.