I was born in northeast United States in 1973, in a time of rock gods on pedestals… everything larger than life… memories of melodies… sitting in my fathers truck… Paul McCartney and Wings, John Lennon, ELO, America, The Carpenters and those signature sounds of the 70s… movie soundtracks… and my mothers love of Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Andrew Lloyd Webber… knowing only what your surrounded by… seeing KISS in TV Guide is when I first formulated my own opinion of music that I wanted to explore… that led me down roads housed with diverse and eclectic sounds… listening to everything that pop culture had to offer… in the early 80s I was a young lad immersing myself in fat shoe laces, breakdancing and early hip-hop… to freestyle biking/skateboarding and the music evolving from those scenes… to ending the decade with long hair having acquired my first bass guitar, learning a few quick riffs from some favorite bands (mostly metal), then to joining bands, writing our own songs, gigging and never looking back… (sometimes you get to a point of playing more music than you listen to)

Being a bass player taught me to find the pocket, lay low, and stay in the groove… quite good lessons on being a songwriter… playing in metal bands, hardcore and punk bands, jazz fusion, blues, reggae, indie, alternative and assisting some friends in avant-garde power pop… nothing is off limits… I view myself as a songwriter… a storyteller… a minimalist…  the timelessness in the songwriting…

As I evolve as a songwriter and musician to where I am now…  I find my ear loving the low fidelity sounds of my roots in punk and hardcore… what drew me to that scene was the integrity and the message… round up a few bucks put out a 7" record and capture the energy… a good song is a good song no matter the production… the more raw, to me is more vulnerable… perfectly flawed is a wonderful sound to me… I’m a plug in and play kinda guy… the magic is in the tinny-ness, live and as few takes as possible approach… hit record, play and sing… like building a house… the foundation is what’s important…

That real attainable sound I heard and loved in my teens… the DIY sound that gave me the inspiration to say hey, I can do that… that’s wherein I find solace… mix that attitude with depth, art, theology, consciousness, fatherhood and applying wisdom from life experience… songwriting from the heart and keep it simple.

- Alex, 2017