Me As In You

Also known as mGee aka Mike Gregoire, founder and creator of He began making music around 1999, mashing up and remixing tracks using Acid Pro. Though, actually, his connection to and love for music extends far back to his earliest memories growing up in a little tourist spot in Maine, called Old Orchard Beach.

As an adolescent and a fan of the pop group Men At Work he was influenced to try his hand at learning to play the flute, however that instrument just didn’t hold his attention very long. Later, as a teenager he saved up and got himself a Casio SK-1 and taught himself to play by ear, little melodies like Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” and Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F”. That’s pretty much where it ended though… the music career wasn’t to be. However, many years later, with the advent of easily obtained music making software, such as Acid Pro and more recently Ableton Live, the type of music he wanted to make finally found an outlet.

His sound is a fusion of hip-hop beats and pop melodies supported by an electronic aesthetic.

“Me As In You” is his outlet for original music whereas “mGee” is now primarily for remixing.