Moki Mcfly

Moki Mcfly is a music producer from Manila, Philippines. He is known for his atmospheric instrumental production which incorporates sound elements from nature and extensive use of dug-up recordings and tagalog samples. His fondness for acoustic sounds caused his music to come over as unusually nocturnal and warm. Space and texture remain not just formidable, but remarkably relevant aking inspiration from jazz, folk, and experimental as well as the whole canon of electronic music. He has been regarded as ambient, trip hop, some combination of the two, and experimental. Moki Mcfly prefers to exercise an ideological distance from the genres he usually falls into, while maintaining an organic appreciation for all music forms and styles. His sound is a cross-pollination of the arcane and the futuristic, where he guides you through his train of thought, displacement and discourse. A swank noise of clever phrases, poetic flashcards and split references, even if they’re essentially about nothing in particular where narration is unspoken.