Secret Archives of the Vatican

Secret Archives of the Vatican are London based musicians Vince Millett and Louis Counter, who have been releasing genre-defying music since 1988, summarised by them as "Transglobal Breakbeat Dub Science". The band name is taken from a book but doesn't have any particular significance.

Secret Archives started releasing music during the cassette trader scene and released several cassettes and, later, CDRs and CDs, also contributing to compilation CDs in several countries. They have provided mixes for radio shows across the world, from the BBC to Egyptian and Eastern European shows. In recent years they have been prolific, with many releases available on all major streaming and download sites. The current album release is called Halls of Stone and was released in January 2021. Here, they bring in some Nordic dark folk influence, influenced by such artists as Danheim, Wardruna and Eldrim.