Spiedkiks is a German electronic music duo formed in Cologne & Stuttgart. Consisting of Chris “Kik” Stark and Andi “Spied” Möller, they mashed their nicknames together and had their name… SPIEDKIKS (pronounced “speedkicks”)! They met in 2009 on myspace (remember?) during a remix contest and that was that!

Since then they’ve produced and recorded eight full-length studio albums, recorded in living rooms, basements, bathrooms and studios in Cologne and Stuttgart. They make their music using a computer, a Fender Strat, a turntable, a SM57 mic and tons of other stuff. From time to time they get together with really nice friends to add their musical talents to the music. However, no matter what, their modus operandi is just “Do your thing”… it’s as simple as that.