The Scallions

The Scallions have been recording for over 30 years. The band is made up of two brothers, Mike and Shawn Franklin. They like to call their sound “Avant-Garde Power Pop”. This sound combines bits of catchy pop mixed with occasional abstract sounds and instrumentation. Recordings began in September 1990 and were made for their own enjoyment. Influenced by the San Francisco cult giants, The Residents, Mike and Shawn wanted to create and emulate similar sounds.

It wasn’t until 1999 that the band decided to officially release some material. They hooked up with Tom Timony, a former owner of The Residents label Ralph Records. In the year 2000 they put out their first commercially released album, Mud Pie. Following its release, Mud Pie was promoted with interviews, reviews and radio play. In 2001, Tom’s label closed and left The Scallions looking for a new home.

In 2002, the band signed with Chuck D. from the revolutionary rap band Public Enemy. They are featured on (SLAMjamz is Chuck’s on-line record label) and are building a solid following. In September of 2002, The Scallions assembled a band to assist them in performing live as they had the honor of opening up a few shows for Public Enemy in the Massachusetts area.

The band released their first national release in August 2006. The album was entitled Agony through Ceremony and was released as a CD/DVD combo. It received a lot of positive press.

Since 2013, they’ve made blocGLOBAL / blocSonic their label home and have released deluxe editions of their albums “Agony Through Ceremony” and “Sounds of vinyl and the past”. Even if you don’t like the green onion, you’re sure to dig the Connecticut based band… so be sure to check 'em out!