Vietnam II

Vietnam II is a post-surf band from Columbus, Ohio. The group was originally created by Eddie Palmer in 2004 with guitarist Jamarr Mays joining in 2006. Vietnam II went on indefinite hiatus in the early 2000s while the members explored other projects. Palmer went on to helm an experimental sci-fi outfit called The F*cked Up Beat with ex Vietnam II drummer Brett Zehner, and the electro-pharmacy sounds of Deathwave International with Jamarr Mays. Palmer has also worked with ex Vietnam II bassist Derek Rutter on a Future-Pop duo project called Electric Mirrors who have previously released music at blocSonic.

In late 2019 Vietnam II was reformed with Palmer and Mays as principal creators. The first official EP is called '...And The Lord He Said, Dick Cheney is Dead' and was released September 22nd, 2019 . The follow-up LP, 'The Spy Network' is due December 3rd, 2019.

Space Force, motherf**ker! - Vietnam II