Vik44 is an INTP with ADD. Having a hard time staying with one sound, Vik44 moves from genre to genre. From minimal techno, glitched breaks to trip-hop, he feels at home. Music is the only thing that slows his racing mind. For Vik44 music is an addiction, a lifestyle. He feels most comfortable alone in a pair of headphones. Removed from the real world to create his own.

In college Vik44 played guitar in the metal band Inventing Zero. During this time Vik44 spent more time putting drum machines through stomp boxes then he did guitars. Around the same time he was introduced to the world of mod trackers. After Inventing Zero's breakup Vik44 dove into his electronic music. While going to school for art, Vik44 would apply the philosophies and ideas he learned in classes to create music with texture, contrast, emotions, and substance.



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