Vpopolam was founded during the Summer of 2011 in Bryansk, Russia by Mihail Leonov, Oleg Koptev and Sergey “Myasnik” Protchenko. From the very start we planned on playing simple, straight and groovy music, like the music we all like. We all got our start in different bands, playing a variety of different styles; from pop-rock to funk to hard rock and heavy metal. Although we realized that there’s nothing new under the sun, we decided to play music that’s not emulating or copying existing groups. Since then, Sergey Protchenko was forced to leave the band due to personal issues and his spot was capably filled by Vladimir Kozlovskiy.

By Autumn 2011 we had 6 tracks and a few performances under our belt and we began to receive comments from people wishing to get a hold of MP3s of our music, so we decided to record our material. We recorded the music “live”, all instruments recorded together and then layered the vocals. The result made for a kind ‘dirty’ sound, so we decide to call our mini-album “The Dirty Album” (pretty simply, eh?). After the tracks were recorded, we brought them to our friend and sound man Aleksey Babashov, living in Saint Petersburg, where he mixed and mastered everything at his studio. Now we’re preparing new songs to record and are planning more performances to bring our music to the ears of our fans.