VYVCH is Vyacheslav Sizov, a music composer, producer and photographer who calls the small Russian town Bezhetsk home. At the age of 20, with a little help from his parents, he set up a small home studio in which he first began recording under the moniker et_. He released three albums as et_ — “Don’t think twice”, “Harder times” & “The agency of missing hearts”. For his project’s fourth album, “Evil Twin”, he decided to change the project name to something more search engine friendly, The Movie Theater.

In 2013, Vyacheslav began a new project to showcase a more electronic and hip-hop hybrid sound. VYVCH’s debut album “Everybody’s Doing It” kicked things off and he continued with the March 2014 EP release “Barely Frozen Stone”. The rest of 2014 will see him continuing to explore the chilled VYVCH sound which fuses post-rock/shoegaze guitar with hip-hop beats, drum machines, dubstep grooves and shattered hats… trap music style. He rounds out his sound with the help of a host of instruments and experimental techniques… toy instruments, percussion instruments, harps, melodica, a 1970’s analog organ, custom cabinets that hold old radio speakers which are used to run instrument output through for recording.

He’s now teamed up with blocSonic to release his new album “Royal Treatment”. At the age of 31 he’s not slowing down… a 3rd album is already in the works.