ZOE.LEELA was born the daughter of a Croatian mother and an Italian father in Ulm. Directly after high school, she traded her home in southern Germany for a place in Berlin. Her interest in artistic expression led her to the Nawrot-Reduta Acting School, where she studied under Theresa Nawrot. Her acting studies further landed her a spot at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York City, where Robert DeNiro, Dennis Hopper, Steve Buscemi, Mickey Rourke and Harvey Keitel graduated.

Back in Berlin, Zoe discovered the multifarious modes of expression that music has to offer and began to re-enterpret and sing well-known chansons by the likes of Marlene Dietrich. Dennis Gräf, guitar player for the crossover band SUCH A SURGE, promptly took notice. The two began collaborating, writing and recording new songs, until artistic differences led to their parting ways. But Zoe’s passion for music forged on. In New York City she met Ted Berkley of ETRO ANIME and began recording again. Commuting between NYC and Berlin, she also started working with producer SKYWAX. Many of the fruits of this collaboration can be heard on her debut album, titled QUEENDOM COME.

Zoe is currently working with producer Noah Felk from Hamburg. In his So High studio in St. Pauli, the two are working on new material, exploring the vast range of Leela’s musical interests and influences and catering to her unique talents. Two new compositions from their studio sessions are also included on QUEENDOM COME.

This EP is saturated with the fragmented spirit of the international metropolis. Porous jazz influences, urban hip-hop salutes, and sober, electronic sounds reflect the structured chaos found within an international, musical metropolis.

Another interesting aspect of ZOE.LEELA’s illustrious persona is her collaboration with photographer TOMPIGS.COM. Together, they have created a unique image for Zoe in form of flyers, photos, music videos and video skits. Their self-expression is crucial to content and DIY in nature: redefining themselves in the belief system of self-empowerment, self- organization and improvisation, the two achieve a creative force that cannot be stopped. Staying true to their roots, and to themselves, they decided to release QUEENDOM COME online through Rec72.net, an Internet label from Cologne that has consistently released music and more for free under the moniker Creative Commons since 2007. Free from the trappings of a major record label, ZOE.LEELA is happy to share her debut album, QUEENDOM COME, online and free of charge. Interviews, reviews and downloads are welcomed and encouraged.