Tha Bloc Report Episodes

Episode 17: 2019 End of the Year Episode

Please excuse the delay in getting this music packed episode out to you, the bloc has lots of stuff cooking for early 2020! With this being the 2019 End of the Year episode, Pot-C not only runs us through the latest releases and the Heat of the Month, he also delivers the Heat of 2019, as well! Tha… Listen to “Episode 17: 2019 End of the Year Episode”

Episode 16: The Wals Episode

This month Pot-C chops it up with talented North Carolina artist Wals. They talk about his blocSonic debut SHEESH (which if you haven’t checked out, you definitely should), enlightens us about how far back he and A.Moss go and hints at new music! Afterwards, we get to hear a few tracks from the rece… Listen to “Episode 16: The Wals Episode”

Episode 15: The Shawn Franklin Episode

For this month’s episode we’ve got a special treat for you. Pot-C interviews blocGLOBAL co-owner Shawn Franklin who happens to also be a member of The Scallions, Action Will Be Taken, Pimpstrut Local #13 and has collaborated multiple times with The Impossebulls! During the interview, somwhere amongs… Listen to “Episode 15: The Shawn Franklin Episode”

Episode 14: The Pete Lund Episode

This month, Pot-C interviews Buffalo, NY based singer-songwriter Pete Lund! In the interview Pete gives listeners the inside scoop on how it happened that he first began releasing music here at blocSonic. He talks a little about his latest release Barely Nearly EP and also chops it up a little about… Listen to “Episode 14: The Pete Lund Episode”

Episode 13: The Timezone LaFontaine and Camo Episode

Today we’ve got Episode 13 of Tha Bloc Report! That’s right, it’s now been a year since we’ve kicked off this series for you to keep up to date on what’s happening with The Bloc! Pot-C’s proven to be a hell of a host and has held it down bringing us great music and interviews. With this Episode he… Listen to “Episode 13: The Timezone LaFontaine and Camo Episode”

Episode 12: The Mo Music Episode

This month, Pot-C delivers another incredible batch of bloc tunes, new and old! Music by A.Moss, Donnie Ozone, Tha Silent Partner, Viktor Van River & much more! So kick back… listen… and enjoy the show. Thanks again to Pot-C for digging into the archives and shining a light on the gems! Of cou… Listen to “Episode 12: The Mo Music Episode”