Tha Bloc Report Episodes

Episode 53: The January 2023 Episode

Here we go! Ready for another incredible year here at blocSonic? Yeah, we are too. What better way to kick things off than with the latest episode of Tha Bloc Report! This time around Donnie Ozone spins a few new joints and he gives us The Heat of the Year Top 5! The most downloaded releases of 202… Listen to “Episode 53: The January 2023 Episode”

Episode 52: The December 2022 Episode

Ah yeah… Donnie Ozone & Timezone Lafontaine return with another hype episode packed with more blocTunes than you can shake a stick at! Yo… Timezone’s 20 Minute Work-Out is pure fire! So anyway, are you ready? Here we go… (takes deep breath)… during this episode you’ll hear music by Tha Silent P… Listen to “Episode 52: The December 2022 Episode”

Episode 51: The November 2022 Episode

Here we go kids! Donnie Ozone & Timezone Lafontaine return to give us an invigorating dose of blocTunes! Donnie kicks things off with new music and gems from the archives… music by Nerdicus, Schemawound, Headsnack, Mported Flows & CM aka Creative. Timezone then gives another incredible 20 M… Listen to “Episode 51: The November 2022 Episode”

Episode 50: The October 2022 Episode

As mentioned last month, beginning this month, Pot-C has gone on hiatus from Tha Bloc Report until June 2023. Although we’ll miss him, we’re excited for you to hear this month’s episode! This month Donnie Ozone kicks off his stint filling in as host / Master of Ceremonies along with Timezone Lafont… Listen to “Episode 50: The October 2022 Episode”

Episode 49: The Eddie Palmer Episode

This month we’re excited to have the talented Eddie Palmer stop by to chop it up with Pot-C! Eddie has been releasing music with blocSonic since 2016 with the projects Fields Ohio, Vietnam II, & Electric Mirrors. However, his ties go back to 2014 when Fields Ohio first appeared on “netBloc Vol.… Listen to “Episode 49: The Eddie Palmer Episode”

Episode 48: Da Molsen Twinz Episode

This month Da Molsen Twinz activate when Long John (ahem Mary Jane) stops by to chop it up with Pot-C (um… I mean Hashley) to discuss their great Netlabel Day release “The P.U.C.K. Crew Presents Da Molsen Twinz: 3 Bags Short Of A Bender”. We find out why it took so long for it to be released, we get… Listen to “Episode 48: Da Molsen Twinz Episode”