Tha Bloc Report Episodes

Episode 47: The Shred Lexicon Episode

On this month’s Tha Bloc Report Shred Lexicon talks with Pot-C about his fantastic debut solo release “Déjà Vu B/W The Happy Ending” and much more. Oh… and your musical knowledge gets tested as well! Of course, as always, Pot-C also spins the latest and greatest from the extensive blocSonic catalog… Listen to “Episode 47: The Shred Lexicon Episode”

Episode 46: The Nerdicus N Cheese Episode

Once you’re done listening to the terrific new single by Yuk MC (which also dropped today), it’s time to check out the latest episode of Tha Bloc Report! This month Nerdicus N Cheese stop by to shoot the breeze with Pot-C as they all discuss the new album and singles by Nerdicus, Cheese N Pot-C. As… Listen to “Episode 46: The Nerdicus N Cheese Episode”

Episode 45: The Spiedkiks Episode

For this Friday, hopefully your biggest decision will be whether to listen to Tha Bloc Report or the new Spiedkiks album, first. Either way you decide, you’ll get your Spiedkiks fix because this month Chris “Kik” Stark stops by and talks to Pot-C about the new album! They also discuss the group’s or… Listen to “Episode 45: The Spiedkiks Episode”

Episode 44: The April 2022 Crate Dig Episode

After a quiet month, Pot-C kicks things off with another fantastic episode of Tha Bloc Report for you to enjoy! This month in addition new music and The Heat Of The Month Top 5, he goes in on a deep dig. For this April 2022 Crate Dig Episode, Pot-C checked out a few artists who haven’t released musi… Listen to “Episode 44: The April 2022 Crate Dig Episode”

Episode 43: The Dr. Mindflip Episode

Do you think that after almost eight years, we wouldn’t make a big deal out of Dr. Mindflip returning to The Bloc?!? That’s right for this March, 2022 episode, Pot-C interviews The Doctor and learns a little about the band’s background, how they came to be at blocSonic, Creative Commons licensed Mus… Listen to “Episode 43: The Dr. Mindflip Episode”

Episode 42: The A23P / Church of Space Episode

Here we go! Today we’ve got the February 2022 episode of Tha Bloc Report hosted by Pot-C. As always he’s packed lots of new and hot music for you… music by SKOL X Donnie Ozone, Timezone Lafontaine, Church Of Space Presents: Nu Kids OFF The Block, Vpopolam, Viktor Van River & Marco Mestichella.… Listen to “Episode 42: The A23P / Church of Space Episode”