Tha Bloc Report Episodes

Episode 41: The January 2022 Crammed With Jams Episode

Hey everyone… we’re back with the first episode of 2022! Happy New Year! This month Pot-C packed it with music to run you through new music, Heat of the Month, and Heat of the Year! Included is music by Timezone Lafontaine, Louis Lingg and The Bombs, Yuk MC, Moki Mcfly, Flex Vector, Tha Silent Partn… Listen to “Episode 41: The January 2022 Crammed With Jams Episode”

Episode 40: The December Crate Dig Episode

Hey you… yeah you… we’ve got a fantastic new episode of Tha Bloc Report for you today. For this one Pot-C has a little respite from the cascade of releases dropped over the past few months to not only get you the latest and greatest, but also some gems from the crates that deserve some shine! This… Listen to “Episode 40: The December Crate Dig Episode”

Episode 39: The Yuk MC Episode

In addition to the dope new album, we’ve got an episode packed with Yuk MC music and Pot-C interviews him to learn more about “Smokeshow”. Finally, as always, Pot-C delivers the latest and greatest from the bloc catalog! In addition to Yuk tunes, there’s great music by Louis Lingg and The Bombs, Mo… Listen to “Episode 39: The Yuk MC Episode”

Episode 38: The Louis Lingg And The Bombs Episode

Today, not only do we have “>...checking system... disruption detected...”, the incredible new album by Louis Lingg And The Bombs, but we also have the latest episode of The Bloc Report in which Pot-C interviews the band, getting the low down on the album, the Freak Deaky video and what they have… Listen to “Episode 38: The Louis Lingg And The Bombs Episode”

Episode 37: The Alex Franklin Episode

Can you believe that today we’re kicking off the 4th year of Tha Bloc Report hosted by Pot-C? Over the past few years, Pot-C has really held it down delivering a fantastic podcast that has kept fans up to speed on the latest and greatest music and artists from Tha Bloc. A sincere thank you goes out… Listen to “Episode 37: The Alex Franklin Episode”

Episode 36: The P.U.C.K. Episode Deux

After a busy month of July packed with releases including those for Netlabel Day, it’s time for Pot-C to catch you all up! In addition, for this month’s interview he gets together with P.U.C.K. to discuss Molsen Twinz, the recent releases and sampling. So download or listen on your favorite platfor… Listen to “Episode 36: The P.U.C.K. Episode Deux”