Tha Bloc Report Episodes

Episode 34: The Me As In You Episode

Yo… today we have the June 2021 episode of Tha Bloc Report. This month Pot-C chops it up with Me As In You aka mGee aka Mike Gregoire, blocSonic artist and founding owner. We discuss the recent artist name change, remixes, and what’s coming for blocGLOBAL! (Oh… and for some reason I got the month wr… Listen to “Episode 34: The Me As In You Episode”

Episode 33: The Krazy Shitz Episode

Ahhhhhh yeahhhhh… hip-hop is representing once again for this month’s episode! It’s Krazy Shitz’ turn to take over blocSonic, which means we get to find out a little about the group and their origin. So be sure to check out this terrific episode once you’ve bumped their new album “Space Signals” suf… Listen to “Episode 33: The Krazy Shitz Episode”

Episode 32: The Hydra Gwaii Episode

Today Hydra Gwaii has taken over blocSonic and that means that their music is bumping all day and that you get to find out all about the monster’s origin story. So don’t miss out on this great companion episode to their debut album “The Elements Of Fire”! Of course… Pot-C also spins the latest and… Listen to “Episode 32: The Hydra Gwaii Episode”

Episode 31: The Tom Ray Episode

This month, Pot-C catches up with Tom Ray of Lorenzo’s Music to find out what he’s been up to since releasing the “Cool ships and heat exchangers” EP at blocSonic in 2017. Will we ever see another blocSonic release by this great band? Check out the episode to possibly find out! Of course, as you’ve… Listen to “Episode 31: The Tom Ray Episode”

Episode 30: The Doug Whitfield Episode

For this month’s episode blocGLOBAL/blocSonic Co-Owner / Contracts Manager and CC Community Music Awards Organizer Doug Whitfield stops by and talks with Pot-C about his background and various roles within blocSonic and the Creative Commons community at large. Definitely an interesting episode to ge… Listen to “Episode 30: The Doug Whitfield Episode”

Episode 29: The 2020 Heat of the Year Episode

Hey kids… it’s that time of year again! That’s right… it’s time for Pot-C to run us through the 2020 Heat of The Year in addition to new releases and The Heat of the Week. What that means is lots and lots of music! Music by Raez, Vietnam II, Cheese N Pot-C, Headsnack & Primo Sol, The Scallions,… Listen to “Episode 29: The 2020 Heat of the Year Episode”