After The Ice and their 5 For Insight

Another fantastic track that was featured on netBloc Vol. 17 was After The Ice's "Thursday Morning Waking". Here's some insight for you to digest.

01 Why free music? We offer free music because it’s a great way of reaching out to the fans. In a world where you can potentially download everything for free, it shows respect and sincerity, and really helps in building a strong, as well as loyal fan base. At least, that’s our experience to date!

02 Looking at Paul’s art used for the EP’s cover and the official website, it seems to me that the music and imagery of After The Ice are perfectly wedded. Was it intentional for the music and Paul’s art to be so perfectly matched? Not necessarily so, but seeing as it’s the same artist, themes will inevitably cross over, and the same mind after all creates both songs and pictures. So there’s a natural synergy between both, something that Paul and the band are keen to promote.

03 What’s next for After The Ice? An album? If so, will it also be made available at Yep, we have an album in the pipe line and will definitely make it available at

04 What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? We like to lurk in TheSixtyOne for new finds. If you check the rock section usually most of the stuff at the top of the list is good. Our latest discovery has been Virtual Live Band. It’s a strange band because they only perform online in Second Life, but they’re quite good keeping in mind that each member lives in a different place in the world. We have plans to make virtual concerts in the future, so it’s good to know that you can be successful that way too!

05 Impressionism, Cubism or Pop? They’re all cool and so very different. Depends on the mood, or where your brain is at any given moment, no? But cubism may have the edge: it’s all about 4 dimensional space, and that has to be pretty cool. Braque and Picasso rock in that department.