Congratulations Black Sweater, White Cat!

I'd like to congratulate Black Sweater, White Cat on a job well done in introducing us to 200 selections from the world of net audio via their One-A-Day blog posts! I look forward to hearing the next 200!

Now that Black Sweater, White Cat (BSWC) have reached this milestone, I'd like to announce that netBloc volume 7 will be a collaboration with them to bring you 10 of blocSonic's favorite BSWC One-A-Days. So keep an eye out for that release around the end of the month.

Thanks again to BSWC and all other bloggers who've mentioned blocSonic in recent posts. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated! Thanks to everyone who've been downloading/streaming and enjoying netBloc Vol. 6. Thanks for allowing us the chance to maniacally toy with your listening habits!