Here are 5 For Insight From Monk Turner

Ok, so you didn't download netBloc Vol. 18’s 42 page liner-note booklet… I know that now, but I can’t accept it. Just to reinforce the fact that you're missing out by not downloading netBloc PDF booklets, here’s yet another mini-interview, this one with featured artist Monk Turner.

01 - Why free music? It goes well with free hot dogs, free samples, free online dating services, and free James Brown.

02 - What’s next on the agenda for Monk Turner? Well, Love Story is my 20th album! I think I deserve a little break. So expect a whole lot of little projects and tracks here and there, but no concept albums are on the horizon as of right now.

03 - What’s hot on Monk’s music player of choice? Lovin’ the new Panic at the Disco album. Listenin’ to some Kanye, Murs, and Bach. I’ve rediscovered Fishbone. In fact, I now have the honor of saying that Angelo Moore’s sweaty body has landed directly on top of me at a Fishbone show. That band is so underrated.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? I downloaded Monk Turner’s “Love Story” and you should too.

05 - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Nintendo or Brass? All of the above and a kazoo playing 10 notes or more.