New release: Jeremy Macachor’s back with “Onwards”

Cover of Jeremy Macachor 'Onwards'

Have you checked out Jeremy’s self-titled debut album yet? Well here’s the 2nd single from that album. “Onwards” is one of my personal favorites from his great collection of tracks. As I've said before, his music is perfect for a road trip… and I stand by that. There’s just something about his sound that makes it just right for such an endeavor. So, if you’re still unfamiliar with the album, than here’s your change to sample the sound. If you have checked out the album, don’t sleep on this anyway as it’s got 3 tasty exclusive remixes from the likes of Tha Silent Partner, Juan Duque and some dude named mGee ;-).

A very special thanks once again to Jeremy for coming to blocSonic... let’s do this again!

Remember to support your favorite artists… especially those who make much of their art available for free download.

If you dig Jeremy’s music, head on over to his Bandcamp page and purchase a couple previously unreleased tracks. All the money goes to support his music and will help put food in his mouth while he’s trying to find work!

Thanks again for taking time to download and listen to another of our excellent releases! Remember… keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it… if you’re in radio… support truly independent music and broadcast it!

Grab the free maxi-single “Onwards”!

Mike Gregoire