New release: Tha Silent Partner Does Italy!

Cover of Tha Silent Partner 'TSP Does Italy'

Aside from the many remixes he’s done for various singles, it’s been about a year since we last released any TSP gems on you. Well that dry spell is done… quench your thirst on this tasty treat from the TSP vaults. A selection of tracks originally created for a project with Esa A.K.A. El Presidente (of the Milan based Funk Ya Momma Crew). That project never came to fruition, but these tracks needed to see the light of day. So here you are… enjoy.

When you’re done with “TSP Does Italy”, be sure to grab his other release that drops today, “Takemiaseyeam”. Available at most digital outlets. A preview is available at SoundCloud.

Thanks to TSP for his continuing support of blocSonic! Thanks to you for yours! Remember… keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it… if you’re in radio… support truly independent music and broadcast it!

Grab “TSP Does Italy” here.

Mike Gregoire