News from the outer reaches: Just tryin' 'ta be a clinical, 8-bit, mellow weirdo

What’s going on in the world of net audio? There are a few sites out there that will help you get your dose of news from the outer reaches of the music world, but the net audio world is big place. Surely there’s room for another person to shine the light on what’s happening in this exciting culture of sonic peregrination?

First up is news coming from Clinical Archives. They just released their 89th release entitled "Interference" by French electronic artist Edgeist. The album features Edgeist’s trademark rhythmic, metallic soundscapes. You can download the album here.

If you’re into that 8 bit electro sound, you’re sure to be interested to know that 8bitpeoples have just released their 81st catalogued release by Stu, member of the drop da bomb collective (more info here). "GreateST HITs" is a collection of breakbeat joints that are sure to fill your nights with dreams of asteroid blasting good times. Grab it here.

In case you missed it, in December our friends at 12rec. dropped release number 45 and you need to go grab it. It’s a mellow collection of what the kids have labelled alt. country/rock by Austrian artists Protestant Work Ethic. "Turned, and Turning EP" is a fine release to listen to on those days when you feel like kicking back or taking that long drive into the country on a bright, sunny day. If Wilco is your cup of tea, you’re sure to dig it — heck, even if Wilco’s not (they aren’t mine), there’s a chance you’ll dig it anyway.

While we all eagerly await the new WM Recordings website to go with that snazzy new logo, they’re not holding back on the releases. In December, they graced us with two new ones. The first is the latest by experimental artist Lee Rosevere who you may have come across while browsing the catalogs of Comfort Stand, Oddio Overplay, proc-records, 20 kbps or enough records. "Play 3" is made up of tracks collected from what was originally intended to be a full-length project. This is not for you fans of easily digestible pop music. If you enjoy a bit of weirdness in your life, then it is most-certainely for you! The second release by The Rabbits is also their second for WM Recordings. "Squeeze one out" is a collection funky little ditties that are as catchy as a venereal disease. Snatch your copy here.

That’s it for this week. Check back next Sunday for the latest from the outer reaches. If you have any news that you’d like included, be sure to contact us with a brief run-down of the goings-on and a relevant link.