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Tha Bloc Report Episode 40: The December Crate Dig Episode!

Hey you… yeah you… we’ve got a fantastic new episode of Tha Bloc Report for you today. For this one Pot-C has a little respite from the cascade of releases dropped over the past few months to not only get you the latest and greatest, but also some gems from… Read more

Tha Bloc Report Episode 11… Pot-C digs and comes up with wall to wall music!

Last month there was a lot of great music released here at the bloc! That gave Pot-C so many options and ultimately resulted in a wall to wall music episode where he explores the latest, the greatest and some gems from deep in the archives! Kick back and enjoy a… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant continues the journey with "All Becomes Dust"

Back in 2008 I first came upon the music of an artist who, a year later would play a large role in blocSonic’s transition to a full-fledged netlabel with it’s own original releases along side it’s netBloc series. That artist, Just Plain Ant made his first appearance on “netBloc Vol.… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant returns with the first single from "All Becomes Dust"

Just Plain Ant will always hold a special place here at blocSonic, since his was the first original album and the first Xtended Edition that we released. We now enter his fourth year here and he returns with another great new album of formula smashing downtempo, “All Becomes Dust”. “Love(d)”… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant's "Hide"

Following up the release of his album “Knowon”, here’s the second single, “Hide”. As always, included are a couple extras that expand on the “Knowon” sound and make this single just as essential for fans as the album and first single. Don’t sleep. Thanks again for coming back to listen.… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant's back with "Knowon"

Hello. Welcome back again. It’s good of you to stop by. Though of course you would, right? It’s that time again. The time for you to let Just Plain Ant take you on another sonic journey. With “Knowon”, Ant’s managed to cook up a fine mixture of introspection, soulful yet… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant's "The F***iteer""

The man who helped kick off our original releases with his “Dig Deep”, Just Plain Ant, is returning on March 13th with his 4th blocSonic album release, “Knowon”. The first single from that album is the funky, funky “The F***kiteer”. More of that grown/thinking folk music. Get’cha head nodding to… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant’s “Nothing Begets Nothing EP”

Here’s the second single for Just Plain Ant’s “[albumtitle]”. This time around it’s more of an EP with 3 new exclusives! Among which is one of my recent favorites of his, “No Desire To Speak”. Thanks to all who’ve already grabbed the first single “The Bridge (Featuring Sleaze)” and the… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant’s “[albumtitle]”

The beautiful thing about music, whether you’re a listener or you’re a creator, is the process of discovery. This project was just that for Anthony Gillison aka Just Plain Ant. Along the way, it’s taken him on a journey which ultimately led him to new sonic territory. At times dark,… Read more

New release: Just Plain Ant returns with some help by The Honorable Sleaze on “The Bridge”

The man who helped blocSonic launch its original series of releases is back with something fresh for true heads to nod to. “The Bridge (Featuring Sleaze)” is the first single from the forthcoming album “[albumtitle]”. If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you’re most-likely quite familiar with Just… Read more