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Announcing Micro News & Updates

Last month we announced that we at blocSonic are going 'social' and utilizing many of the popular micro-blogging services. Since then we've been working on how best to utilize them. So far, we've come up with three primary uses. First and foremost we regularly post blocSonic Updates. These updates are… Read more

The Present And Future Of 12rec.net - An Anniversary Compilation

If you've been following our netBloc series of compilations, you know by now that 12rec. is a favorite netlabel of ours. Well, 12rec. are now celebrating their 50th release with a fine compilation of exclusive music. As always, the release is available for free download, though this time around it's… Read more

Let's get social... come rub elbows with blocSonic!

blocSonic has recently made itself available on many social networks in an effort to make some of our background workings more transparent. When is a netBloc being worked on? What state is a future netBloc in? What are we downloading or listening to? All that and more can be followed… Read more

News from the outer reaches: Netlabels, podcasts and Nine Inch Nails

Here we are again, another week and a whole slew of new releases. From here on out I'm doing things a bit differently from what I've done in the past. I'm merging what used to be a Sunday posting of net audio news with the Thursday posting of net audio… Read more

Net Audio Releases for the week of February 25th, 2008

Now with the three releases complete and online, I'm happy to get back into the swing of things regarding net audio news and releases. Here's what's been released worldwide over the past week. ÑOrdi SushiReleased on: Wednesday, February 27 2008 Released at: Archive.org Keywords/Genre: ñordi noise cumshot pailoma idiota ñoqueros… Read more

News from the outer reaches: Net audio news extravaganza

What do you get when you mix joyriding with DJing and various net audio tracks? You get DJ Pelle's new Bedroom-Projects video. Featuring the music of a few artists you know from previous blocSonic netBlocs — Zengineers, Schaua and Lucrecia, among others. Watch while Pelle takes a joyride in his… Read more

Net Audio Releases for the week of January 7th, 2008

Here are the latest batch of net audio releases. Check back on Sunday for more news from the outer reaches! The Prague Spirit EpReleased on: Thursday, January 10 2008 Released at: Archive.org Keywords/Genre: lo-fi, mid-fi, saw Mesh Gear Fox - Mesh Gear FoxReleased on: Thursday, January 10 2008 Released at:… Read more

News from the outer reaches: Just tryin' 'ta be a clinical, 8-bit, mellow weirdo

What’s going on in the world of net audio? There are a few sites out there that will help you get your dose of news from the outer reaches of the music world, but the net audio world is big place. Surely there’s room for another person to shine the… Read more

Net Audio Releases for the week of December 31st, 2007

Happy New Year everyone! It's been a couple weeks since the site's been updated. The holidays were hectic this year and as such, kept me from my regular blocSonic duties. Now the holidays are over and I'll be getting back into the swing of things, fully refreshed. I hope you… Read more

Net Audio Releases for the week of December 13th, 2007

Here's this week's installment of the net audio new release listing. I hope you're enjoying netBloc Vol. 10. Sit tight, volumes 11 and 12 are being compiled. Orhand - Dynamics, Effects, Modulations & OverdriveReleased on: Thursday, December 13 2007 Released at: Jamendo Keywords/Genre: idm Tony Hw - ElectroverloadReleased on: Thursday,… Read more