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Daniel Maze gives us his 5 For Insight

Another featured artist on netBloc Vol. 17 was Daniel Maze. His excellent "Herons Are Mellow" brought a quiet thunder to the release. Read on for your fix of insight… 01 Why free music? Basically because I was getting tired of shopping my music around to record labels and pounding the… Read more

Where's the release? Where can I send demos?

This month things got off to a good start regarding netBloc Vol. 18, though there were three tracks which proved to be a bit difficult to pull together in a timely manner. So that fact along with the fact that I've been trying to fit in some serious blocSonic v2.0… Read more

Announcing Micro News & Updates

Last month we announced that we at blocSonic are going 'social' and utilizing many of the popular micro-blogging services. Since then we've been working on how best to utilize them. So far, we've come up with three primary uses. First and foremost we regularly post blocSonic Updates. These updates are… Read more

The Present And Future Of 12rec.net - An Anniversary Compilation

If you've been following our netBloc series of compilations, you know by now that 12rec. is a favorite netlabel of ours. Well, 12rec. are now celebrating their 50th release with a fine compilation of exclusive music. As always, the release is available for free download, though this time around it's… Read more

News from the outer reaches: Net audio news extravaganza

What do you get when you mix joyriding with DJing and various net audio tracks? You get DJ Pelle's new Bedroom-Projects video. Featuring the music of a few artists you know from previous blocSonic netBlocs — Zengineers, Schaua and Lucrecia, among others. Watch while Pelle takes a joyride in his… Read more

News from the outer reaches: Just tryin' 'ta be a clinical, 8-bit, mellow weirdo

What’s going on in the world of net audio? There are a few sites out there that will help you get your dose of news from the outer reaches of the music world, but the net audio world is big place. Surely there’s room for another person to shine the… Read more

blocSonic guide to filling your mp3 device for free with legal DRM-free music

Recently, I've come across a few "guides" to filling your portable audio device. They all seem to benefit only the mainstream music industry, as they primarily guide the reader to finding music via costly methods that support the major record labels. I'm personally not against spending money for music, quite… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 23rd, 2007)

Here's this week's overview of the latest net audio releases. Dig yourself a few new additions to your collection! Pseudophone - Reach (Negative Sound Institute) Various Artists - FOEM/Electronic Youth Vol. 15 (4 CD Set) (FOEM/) HushBlush - Ceci N'est Pas Beaux Art (Legoego) (LEGO203) Noisegekanker A Gogo - I… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 16th, 2007)

Hi all! I'd like to introduce to you this, the first of what will be a weekly news feature here at blocSonic. An overview of net audio releases that were released over the previous week. Perhaps another reason to keep checking with us, or subscribing to our RSS feed. Keep… Read more

Congratulations Black Sweater, White Cat!

I'd like to congratulate Black Sweater, White Cat on a job well done in introducing us to 200 selections from the world of net audio via their One-A-Day blog posts! I look forward to hearing the next 200! Now that Black Sweater, White Cat (BSWC) have reached this milestone, I'd… Read more