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blocSonic’s sibling coming soon!

Since launching blocSonic, I’ve been noticing connections between my graphic design freelance work and my personal projects (eg. blocSonic). Without initially realizing it, everything has turned out to have a common thread… music. I guess it’s only natural that all that I do is somehow music related or has gone… Read more

Introducing ETHX “Boom To Bloom”

This fantastic release has been in the works since ETHX first contacted blocSonic back in May. In it you’ll find a few high-profile peeps he’s managed to connect with – folks like Boots Riley who you may know from The Coup, Zumbi from Zion-I and Myron Glasper who’s sung background… Read more

Introducing blocSonic’s fourth original release!

Hip-hop is an incredibly diverse musical genre that has a bad reputation no thanks to the American mainstream branch of it. People who write-off hip-hop as idiotic, materialistic, violent or misogynistic are only getting a small slice of what it’s about. Since hip-hop has become international there are a wide… Read more

A taste of tiuqottigeloot

On Tuesday, October 6th, we’re dropping netBloc Vol. 24. It’s a release which features yet another fantastic collection of netaudio gems that once again proves that some of the best music being released today is being released under a Creative Commons license. One of my favorites of this set is… Read more

Introducing the blocSonic netCast!

That’s right folks, there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to Creative Commons/Netaudio podcasts. It’s the “blocSonic netCast”, a podcast which will feature early previews of future blocSonic releases, alternate versions and remixes. So be sure to subscribe to keep up on all that’s coming and all… Read more

blocSonic guide to filling your mp3 device for free with legal DRM-free music

Recently, I've come across a few "guides" to filling your portable audio device. They all seem to benefit only the mainstream music industry, as they primarily guide the reader to finding music via costly methods that support the major record labels. I'm personally not against spending money for music, quite… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of August 6th, 2007)

When you're not enjoying netBloc Vol. 7, check out the latest net audio released this week. c4 - Demoscene Addiction (Kellerloch) (kl011) T.D Black Sun - Territory of Absence Tek - Modular Family (Pentagonik) (pntg017) d'incise - drones en berne sur l'espoir (Audioactivity) (AA18) Doctor Damon - Seckt (Haze) (#006)… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 30th, 2007)

First off, I just want to let you all know that, believe it or not, I'm still working on acquiring the last .wav file for the special Black Sweater, White Cat partnered netBloc Vol. 7 release. I was hoping to release by yesterday, but it's looking more like a release… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 23rd, 2007)

Here's this week's overview of the latest net audio releases. Dig yourself a few new additions to your collection! Pseudophone - Reach (Negative Sound Institute) Various Artists - FOEM/Electronic Youth Vol. 15 (4 CD Set) (FOEM/) HushBlush - Ceci N'est Pas Beaux Art (Legoego) (LEGO203) Noisegekanker A Gogo - I… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 16th, 2007)

Hi all! I'd like to introduce to you this, the first of what will be a weekly news feature here at blocSonic. An overview of net audio releases that were released over the previous week. Perhaps another reason to keep checking with us, or subscribing to our RSS feed. Keep… Read more