The P.U.C.K. cru returns!

Cover of “Hope 2 Die (Cross My Liver) B/W Cyda Man” by P.U.C.K.

P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids) are currently wrapping up work on their long-awaited forthcoming album… “MAPL Theory”. Today we have your first taste of that new music! Their sound (as you’ve heard on their previous singles) is a fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock, humor and a smidge of Bob and Doug MacKenzie’s Great White North… cooo, loo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coooo indeed. Enjoy. The album drops June 11th!

Oh sheeeeeeit… the P.U.C.K. cru are back! Welcome back gents. These are a couple dope cuts. I look forward to hearing what you’re cooking up for the new albulation!

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Download your free copy of Hope 2 Die (Cross My Liver) B/W Cyda Man.

Mike Gregoire