Wandering the urban paths with lukeing forward

In just a few days we may expect a fresh new album to burst into the internet, coming straight from a talented Polish producer – lukeing forward. Labelled Wandering in Urban Fog it will be released by the German netlabel rec72. Those seeking in music a truly adamant verve, multiphase merging, illustrative downbeat, gloomy dubstep and unique experimental unexpectedness have to really brace themselves for it.

The man behind the creation is a 22-year-old artist from Warsaw - Łukasz Wasilewski. Despite being quite new in the market, he has already made quite a fuss around with his music. At the beginning of '08 an American label Next Dimension Music released his first EP - Mysterious Bats from the Slums flavoured with slow, rough triphop. Łukasz also succeded in remixing Furniture is Music project and doing well received remix of Why We Teach Dem, track created by no other than Berlin's dubstep icon - Don Goliath. What's more, Łukasz's music can be heard on quite a few Polish radiostations, like Jazz Radio, Radio Luz and Trójka.

Lukeing forward's first album, Wandering in the Urban Fog, will present a completely different material in comparison to Mysterious Bats from the Slums EP. Nevertheless, all acquainted with his previous work won't find the change totally unexpected. Nine fresh-from-the-oven tracks have been carefully developed in his home studio, with the part "home" being very opposite to "amateur" in any meaning! Each and every element of the wide variety of effects, samples and murmurs is a proof that hard work (evidently frosted with talent on the top) does pay off. This Polish fan of Erik Traufaz, Tomasz Stańko, John Scofield and Korn, Pink Floyd and Portishead, has prepared a set of sonic exhibitions from the borderline of electronica, jazz and film music. In his own words, for him it is all just "polluted electronica" with a distinct tempo oscillating around 130-140 beats per minute, additionally saturated with syncopic, jazz syrup what is just enough to give that unique feeling of being pulled into a different, narcotic reality.

One of the album's greatest qualities is the genuine recording dimension. Thanks to the lack of censorshipical sterileness whole material of Wandering in Urban Fog gained an ambient-nujazz organic aura (vide - Where Everything Falls Apart). On lukeing forward's first album surely his sources of inspiration will quietly fight for domination, especially dubstep - it's atmosphere and deep, dark and lonely determination in neverending escape from classification. It will be mostly noticeable in Reverse the Order, Insane Landing, Saving the World's Weirdest Creature and The Glass Full of Lead. Meanwhile, the albums's unpredictiveness has been nicely hidden in Kept in Unlocked Prison, whereas references to spacial ambient techno "made in Warp" are in Feel the Motion of the Air. Despite this stylistic mosaic, tracks on Wandering in Urban Fog will have one common trait, which is ever-present, almost epic, cinematic character.

Wandering in Urban Fog will be released on the 20th of October, 2008. It is promoted with an official video to the Insane Landing track, which is available to public eye on YouTube. There are also gossips about lukeing forward's another, second album being already worked on, which will be more focused on drum'n'bass, trip hop and nu jazz.

Additional information:

  • Author: lukeing forward
  • Title: Wandering in Urban Fog
  • Label: rec72
  • Type: album
  • Date of release: 10/20/2008


Lull Before the Storm That Never Comes Soulless Where Everything Falls Apart Reverse the Order Kept in Unlocked Prison Saving the World's Weirdest Creature Feel the Motion of the Air Insane Landing The Glass Full of Lead

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