Welcome to blocSonic!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who's downloaded the release so far. Thanks also to those of you who have posted about the site on your sites. Especially creativecommons.org

Also... tracklist for February is just about set, just waiting for usage approvals. It looks like a release for February is a definite go.

Viva la revolución! Well ok, so maybe this site isn't quite revolutionary. Though consider this simple site to be a seed of an idea that's been germinating for a few years already. An idea that when fully realized, will be nothing short of a revolution for the diverse world of netlabel music. However, I'm of the belief that you jinx an idea when you speak of it before it's time. Just keep these words in the back of your mind, let them ferment, or whatever they need to do. When all is ready, so you'll be and the time will be ripe for blocSonic mach 2.

For now though... welcome crate diggers. In this incarnation of blocSonic, it's a humble blog. A blog which will feature the absolute best netlabel music available. Every month or two I handpick ten terrific tracks, compile them into a tasty Creative Commons licensed compilation* called a netBloc. Complete package art and a PDF booklet with complete liner notes are provided to accompany the set. Every issue will be available in three excellent audio formats — FLAC, 320kbs LAME mp3 and 192kbs LAME mp3.

As will always be the case, the premier issue of the blocSonic netBloc features a diverse roster of artists. Blues, Electronic, Rock, Pop and Hip-hop are all represented. As stated above, a new compilation will be released every month or two. If I can help it, it'll be every month. However it took two months to get this premier issue ready, so I hope that that's only due to it being my first attempt. Anyway, aside from the compilations, in between them, I plan to also post a link or two every so often to spotlight tracks, releases or netlabel news.

A huge thank you goes out to the netlabels and artists who graciously provided the bios and source files, allowing me to provide you with full liner-notes and multiple high-quality formats. Please, be sure to visit their sites to check out more excellent netlabel music.**

I'd also like to send out my deepest sympathies to Chenard Walcker's family. I had hoped to include one of his tracks for this release, only to find out that Chenard went into coma in September. He's since awoken and is currently recovering. May his recovery continue to progress. Be sure to check out Chenard's excellent releases at his site Free Sample Zone.

If you have music you'd like considered for a future compilation, please contact me via the contact page to request a mailing address.

*License is for the compilation art/booklet. Individual tracks retain their original licenses and may be more restrictive. Please view compilation PDFs for complete track license information.